Fall fashion Deals & Steals with Tory Johnson

Incredible savings on jewelry, clothes, travel bags and more.
4:53 | 09/10/19

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Transcript for Fall fashion Deals & Steals with Tory Johnson
deals on items for fall fashion. We partnered with these companies to bring you incredible savings. Tory? Everyone loves a hand bag. Everyone loves a hand bag. This one from K. Carroll is pretty awesome. You can wear it a variety of ways. It's like a little fanny pack. Not like your granny's fanny. These are adorable. Today they're slashed by 55%. They're $20. Great deal. Yeah. You were admiring these. I love these. Jlo was on "Gma" earlier and she had something on her ankle that looked like this. Do you think she got it from sterling forever? I do. I don't know about that one y'all. I don't care if I am jlo. I just want to look like her. The prices are accessible. You can load up on bracelets. The earrings are great for every day travel. This is their brand new resin collection. New for fall. All these styles are new. A lot making their debut and really good prices. What's the deal? Normally $44 to $110. Today they're slashed by at least 62%. So $11 to $25. That's a great deal. We're all going down this. Skinny tees is one of our favorite brands. We have all new fall options. I like this. This is like mesh. This adorable boat neck. I love the neck. Such good neck. Such good neck, Tory. That's good neck. You guys. We like to show a little neck. What I also love is there's a huge variety -- I know you like this too, a variety of tank tops. We have them in every fall color. Whether you need lace, V neck, round neck, we've got you covered. Got everybody covered. What's the deal? Today all slashed in half starting at $14. $14. Take your pick. I've got a selection for you. Oh, man. Sunglasses. Let's see. You're trying on different ones. I brought you a few. I want to do something completely out of character. There you go. Clark Kent. This takes me back to eighth grade. I'm so doing it. Here's what's cool about A.J. Morgan all are designed by vintage inspiration. I'm not vintage yet. It's the '80s or classic. Let's not use numbers, Tory. There's a lot of classic stuff like that. Big assortment of readers and sunglasses. $22 to $42 regularly. Today slashed in half $10 to $21. Michael, I need your help on this one. We'll leave the glasses here and go right to this. These are cute. This company is called private holdings. Private holdings. Some people's investments are bigger than others. It is a merging between boxers and briefs. It looks like boxers on the outside, but look inside. Bam. You get the best of both worlds. It's very tight in there. It's super soft. I'll be honest for you. For a dude it's great. Private holdings, a great name too. Look how awesome their packaging is. It's a diamond. It's a jewel. Oh, wow. Shine bright like a diamond. What's the deal on this? Normally $29. $14.50. 50% off $14.50. Awesome. Come on down here. We've got these duffle bags that are amazing. They're all full leather. You pick your color. There's a toiletry set if you want. You can choose individual or the bag with it. These are amazing for weekend travel, overnight, gym. You name it. The colors are fabulous. What until you hear the prices. Normally $48 to $180. Today these are $15 and these are $45. That's 75%. You're good at math. I'm good at math. Or did you read the prompter? I read the prompter. I am good at math. Thank you, Tory. Our audience is going home with

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{"duration":"4:53","description":"Incredible savings on jewelry, clothes, travel bags and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65513760","title":"Fall fashion Deals & Steals with Tory Johnson","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/fall-fashion-deals-steals-tory-johnson-65513760"}