2013 Top Trends in Technology, Fashion and Entertainment

Becky Worley, Chris Connelly and Joe Zee share new trends to expect in the new year.
7:37 | 01/01/13

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Transcript for 2013 Top Trends in Technology, Fashion and Entertainment
All right now that we've put 2012 to bed. We want to find out what's going to be hot in 2013. Lara actually td to three of the biggest names in fashion, entertainment and tech to get your very first look. Reporter: New year, new trends and they all come in threes. Or so we hear. Our panel of experts is here to kooep you ahead of the curve in 2013. "Gma's" technology contributor becky worley in the house with the must-have gadgets and "elle's" magazine's joe z with the top trends to look for and chris connelly, "gma" contributor extraordinaire with what we need to know what's happening in movies and television the idea. I believe we would like to start with ladies first. If you don't mind. Becky, let's talk about what's coming down the p in the world of technology. Apple, that's what everybody kind of wants to think about. New iphone. Is it going to be the most exciting thing? No. Sorry, not expecting a big, new iphone release. Not expecting a huge innovation in the ipad. The one rumor that won't die from apple is the full-screen apple tv like the big screen hdtv with base time baked right in, itunes, that may happen. Because we're not expecting a big ipad release that creates a space for the android tablets, for the kindle fire or maybe the windows hybrid laptop tablet. Google is doing something too, right? We expect them to really bring their tablets to the forefront because this is the window of opportunity for them. Now, the other thing that we expect to see and this is sort of a nuts and bolts thing, is health and technology really melding more this year. Good. So we'll have more gadgets that track all our steps we take every day, our calories we burn and then it gets medical in terms of your blood pressure or glucose and that's all going to be quantified on the internet. That's reallyterrific. Do you think if this apple tv happens that it's going to be worth it? We always look to you to let us know whether or not we should go for it. I don't think it's going to be such an innovation in the technology but the ecosystem. Is it easier to use? Will it help me to get my media where I want to watch it? I think apple is probably going to be a little better at that than some of the others. Of all the gadgets anything we should save our pennies for in 2013. The fun stuff. I want to tell you the beatz by dre, this whole concept. What do you think, fashionable, right? Absolutely. This is not going away. This is a trend -- I can take these off now, right? Yeah. This is a trend for the kids nowadays, world, you're too much. I want to go into my own little space. Now I also want to talk about gaming because we saw the uii u come out. Is it going to be the xbox 720 that comes out? Cars, many people buy their car based on how the cup holder works, that they really like it. That is important, honestly. How does it work with my phone now? Is it a tablet on the screen? Will it play my music? We'll see that happening as cars evolve. Eyes on the roads, people. Chris connelly, let's talk about tv. Tv, movies, you go first. You tell me what you want me to know about 2013. We saw some good ones in '12. Where are we heading. Movies first, "the lone ranger" coming out in july. We got some entertainment on the way. Any time johnny depp can float his I had sin contractic self on top of a story, jerry bruckheimer knows how to rock it. He plays tonto and they should lot of fun. This had to happen "the heat" coming in april. This is sandra bullock as a straight-laced fbi agent. melissa McCarthy as a boston cop. It's like "rizzoli and and ISLEst ON A WHOLE BUNCH OF Jell-o shots from the director of "bridesmaids." It's funny. How could it not be for april. "World war z" as brad pitt ke tas on a zombie apocalypse, how much fun could that be? This is a somewhat fraught production, they've had to work on the end of the movie a fair amount. A lot who loved the original novel are objecting to the change but could be exciting. Brad sees this as a possibly socially conscious film along with being a huge action extravaganza. How so? His thought? He feels like it's a way to look at all the problems in society. Like a trojan horse, he says, to discuss everything that's wrong so big action, social conscience, brad saving his family. Ah. We'll see how it all works out. In tv? A lot going. Man does not live by "homeland" alone or "woman." "Downton abbey" coming up, it backed into being a series, a miniseries first. Now here we already are in season three, people are jacked for that and later in the month something a little unusual. A prequel to "sex and the city" called "the carrie diaries," carrie back in high school in 1984. Crazy too that's getting some good buzz. Replace "gossip girl." Which gets me to fashion, nice segue. "Elle" magazine's joe z, you are the man I rely on what not to wear. What to wear in 2013. Okay, these are the great trends I saw on the runway but the great thing they'll translate across the board at every price range and really to successful in every possible place. So the biggest thing we saw, we did see a lot of color blocking in previous seasons, black and white. Black and white we have been hearing a lot about black and white. Back to the basics. As much as we're in a new year us fashion people love to look BACK AND WE'VE HAD THE '80s AND '70s, '60s WAS A BIG DECADE For us. '60s INSPIRED. Black and white. What's another look we need to have. Again, looking to the back -- this is the 20-year itch. We wait 20 years and eventually everything comes back into style. Why I hate to throw things away. You have to hold on to it 20 years, grunge is making a return to fashion. So but this is what we call new grunge. It's not quite as dirty. Not quite kurt cobain, a bit more polished than that but it's about the courtney love redone a little bit more loose, a bit more comfortable. A flat shoe. We're seeing a flat shoe again so all of these looks are really accessible in a different way. You let out a huge sigh. Happy to hear about it. Flats are in. One more trend and I just think this is beautiful. This is so beautiful. Lace and, you know, it's not a wedding lace, it's not your delicate lace but it is very feminine but it's toughened up a bit. This is a great thing you can wear this under a jacket, under a cardigan or could be a pair of tights, this is an all-over lace look but can do it in so many different ways. I see it in your magazine and beyond worn casually and think of it as wedding day or formal events but now as you say it's broken out. Yeah, I think like sequins, lace is one of those things you can have a lot of daytime glamour and wear it with jeans and an easy way to pick up your look. All right, the best of the best letting us know what we need to know about 2013. We thank you so much and joe, i thank you, you gave us two more top fashion trends. Find them only on our website, goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! And we'll be right back. ♪

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