2016 Academy Award Nominations Announced Live

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences President Cheryl Boone Isaacs and actor John Krasinski announce 2016 Oscar nominations in 13 categories.
9:18 | 01/14/16

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Transcript for 2016 Academy Award Nominations Announced Live
? So far we've heard "The revenant" and "Mad max." "Mad max" just won powerball. Chris, good to have you too, jess. Back to Hollywood again. We have the academy president Cheryl Boone Isaacs and actor John Krasinski, and they are going to have more. We'll hear best picture, the big awards about to come up. Ooh. Academy president Cheryl Boone Isaacs and John Krasinski. ? Welcome. What an exciting morning. Thank you, Guillermo and Ang for kicking it off, John, let's continue. Let's do it. For performance by an actor in a supporting role, the nominees are, Christian bale in "The big short." Tom hardy in "The revenant." Mark Ruffalo in "Spotlight." Mark rylance in "Bridge of spies" and Sylvester Stallone in "Creed." For performance by an actress in a supporting role, the nominees are Jennifer Jason Leigh, "The hateful eight." Rooney Mara in "Carol." Rachel Mcadams in "Spotlight." Alicia vikander in "The Danish girl." And Kate winslet in "Steve jobs." For achievement in visual effects, the nominees are "Ex machin machine". "Mad max: Fury road." "The Martian." "The revenant." And "Star wars: The force awakens." For achievement in film editing the nominees are "The big short", "Mad max: Fury road," "The revenant," "Spotlight" and "Star wars: The force awakens." For achievement in production design, the nominees are "Bridge of spies", "The Danish girl," "Mad max: Fury road," "The Martian" and "The revenant." For adapted screenplay the nominees are "Charlotte Randolph and Adam Mckay for "The big short," nick hornby for "Brooklyn," Phyllis Nagy for "Carol" and Emma Donahue for "Roo "Room." And drew god guard for "The Martian." For original screenplay, nominees are Matt Charmin, Ethan Cohen for "Bridge of spies," Alec Garland for "Ex machine," Pete doctor, josh Cooley and Ronnie del Carmen for "Inside out," josh singer and Tom Mccarthy for "Spotlight" and Jonathan Herman, S. Lee Savidge and Alan wenkus for "Straight outta Compton." Very good. For original score, the nominees are Thomas Newman for "Bridge of spies," Carter Burwell for "Carol," "The hateful eight," ennio morricone, Johan johannsson for "Sicario" and John Williams for "Star wars: The force awakens." In the best foreign language film category, the nominees are from Colombia, "Embrace of the serpent." From France, "Mustang." From Hungary, "Son of Saul," from Jordan, "Theeb" and from Denmark, "A war." For achievement in directing, the nominees are Adam Mckay for "The big short." George miller for "Mad max: Fury road" Matthew dowd, Alejandro Gonzalez inarriutu for "The revenant," Lenny Abrahamson for "Room" and Tom Mccarthy for "Spotlight." For performance by an actress in a leading role, the nominees are cate Blanchett in "Carol." Brie Larson in "Room." Jennifer Lawrence in "Joy." Charlotte rampling in "45 years." And saoirse Ronan in "Brooklyn." For performance by an actor in a leading role, the nominees are Bryan Cranston in "Trumbo," Matt Damon in "The Martian," Leonardo Dicaprio in "The revenant," Michael fassbender in "Steve jobs." And Eddie redmayne in "The Danish girl." And finally we are pleased to announce the films selected as the best picture nominees, they are "The big short," brad Pitt, Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner, producers, "Bridge of spies," Steven Spielberg, mark plat and Kristie macosko Krieger, producers, "Brooklyn," finola Dwyer and Amanda posey, producers, "Mad max: Fury road," dove Mitchell and George miller, producers. "The Martian," Simon kinberg, ridley Scott, Michael Schaefer and mark huffam, producers, "The revenant," or nandz mill shonn, Steve golin, Alejandro inarritu, Mary parent and Keith Redmon, producers. "Room," ed giney, producer and "Spotlight," Michael sugar, Steve golin, Nicole rocklin and Blye Pagon Faust, producers. For the complete list of all the nomination, please visit oscar.com. And join us Sunday night, February 28th to celebrate these incredible artists and films at the oscars with our host Chris rock. See you then. outta Compton." right away, Chris? No "Star wars" or "Straight outta Compton." success is sometimes a liability with the oscars, it's become the oscars underdog but a lot of people were hoping, obviously, nobody at ABC and Disney, "Star wars" is nominated but I would like it to be nominated. Five nominations for "Star wars" all around, 12 for "The revenant," that leads the way. Tom hardy getting a supporting actor nomination is a bit of a surprise in the place of someone like Michael compete on, Jacob Tremblay for "Room," nothing for "Carol" or "Straight outta Compton" or "Star wars." Cate Blanchett, best actress. Cate and Rooney Mara -- It's loaded. Best actor is going to be a good show to watch. A lot for "Mad max." 80-year-old director in George miller. He gets a best director nomination too. The surprise there is ridley Scott not getting nominated. Exactly. For "The Martian." He got a lot of love. Did well. Anything jump out. Brie Larson is a lock. I think Leonardo Dicaprio is a lock. I think they can prepare to dance at the governors ball right now. Do you think this is the year for Leo. This is absolutely his year. The funny think I think ridley Scott was the other one basically getting a lifetime achievement award like Leo is this year. What about Sylvester Stallone? Oh. Love that. You know, just for a moment there you wonder if Harrison Ford was going to get nominated too. Same sort of role but, yeah, big night for Stallone That's the toughest category to predict, best supporting actor because Stallone has not gotten the previous indicators like azs.a.g. Nomination. Did get a golden globe. You always look at S.A.G. And stuff. Mark Ruffalo is a real puncher's chance, this could be his year. Can I ask about -- "Spotlight" got a lot of nominations. And Michael Keaton so wonderful in that film. Are you surprised he didn't get recognized. I am a little surprised. I think it was tough. So many were going up in the supporting categories. I think maybe he could have gone for best arc and had a shot but decided to go supporting. They all split the vote. And Jennifer Lawrence. Yeah, she did it again. J. Law. Cannot be stopped.

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{"id":36284434,"title":"2016 Academy Award Nominations Announced Live","duration":"9:18","description":"Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences President Cheryl Boone Isaacs and actor John Krasinski announce 2016 Oscar nominations in 13 categories. ","url":"/GMA/video/2016-academy-award-nominations-announced-live-36284434","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}