2016 Presidential Candidates Focused on Opening Primary Contests

ABC News' Mary Bruce and Matt Dowd report the latest news from the campaign trail.
4:25 | 01/16/16

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Transcript for 2016 Presidential Candidates Focused on Opening Primary Contests
slide in global rout. Rough, rough morning. This is the backdrop as the race for the white house heats up and this weekend is key in the campaign. We are now only about two weeks away from the very first votes in Iowa. On both sides right now, tight races and tension in particular that showdown right there between one time friends Donald Trump and Ted Cruz and just a few minutes ago, trump upping the ante on Twitter. ABC's Mary Bruce leading us off from South Carolina. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning. They are neck and neck in the early key states and now there is no question, that bromance between trump and Cruz is over. Trump continues to question where Cruz was born and if he's eligible to be president. Now, Cruz isn't just hitting trump in return he's also taking on the nation's largest city. I apologize. Reporter: This morning, Ted Cruz is saying sorry, not sorry. You're right, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Andrew Cuomo and bill de Blasio have all demanded an apologize. I'm help to apologize. I apologize to the millions let down by that state. Reporter: He questioned the city's values. I am disgusted at the insult that Ted Cruz threw at this city. Reporter: Even lady liberty is giving him the finger. The feud escalated after Cruz lashed out at New York while taking a shot at Donald Trump. But everyone understands that the values in New York City are socially liberal or pro-abortion or pro-gay marriage, focused around money and the media. Reporter: But trump got the last word. When the world trade center came down, I saw something that no place on Earth could have handled more beautifully, more humanely than New York. Reporter: Those comments spurred Hillary Clinton to do the impossible. Agree with trump. Clinton tweeting just this once trump's right. New yorkers value hard work, diversity, tolerance, resilience and building better lives for our families. And another first, trump at a pizza ranch. The must stop rite of passage for presidential candidates in Iowa. I like the pizza. Reporter: Pizza but no more hits against Cruz for now. I think I've already done that. Reporter: But those hits will likely keep coming today as both trump and Cruz appear at the same tea party convention here in South Carolina. Dan. Mary, thank you so much. To talk about here so let's go to math dowd in Los Angeles. Matt, good morning. When Donald Trump says lawsuits have been filed as he just said in a tweet, do we know what that means and is this issue of Canadian citizenship a genuine vulnerability. Whatever side of the bed he woke up and started moving on the tweets. It's not settled. Everybody sort of looked at this said it's unsettled whether for or against Ted. I think it's a question. Any time people walk into a voting booth and there's a question mark they'll go for some other alternative so I think Ted will have to deal with this and Donald will keep pushing this over the course of the campaign. Just to clarify he's not the one filing wllawsuits. There is a trial lawyer in Houston but Donald Trump alluded that others would come. I think he's just raising the question there is a question over Ted and so people will have a question when they go to vote. All right. What about this New York values dust-up. Does that help or hurt Cruz? Well, obviously Ted -- it's a dog whistle godless heathen sex and the city new yorkers and trying to appeal to social conservatives in Iowa and new Hampshire. I don't think it's effective and one of the problems Ted has in the course of this is there could be hypocrisy blowback. His wife worked for Goldman Sachs who had health insurance from Goldman Sachs who went to princeton and raises money in New York. If Donald Trump makes it about hypocrisy will be a problem. We're in a knife fight right now. Bff to "Gangs of New York." Don't forget the democrats are till running and have a big debate tomorrow night and quick programming note. "This week with George stephanopoulos" tomorrow morning, George is going to go one-on-one with Donald Trump himself. Matt, thank you very much and

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{"duration":"4:25","description":"ABC News' Mary Bruce and Matt Dowd report the latest news from the campaign trail.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36330660","title":"2016 Presidential Candidates Focused on Opening Primary Contests","url":"/GMA/video/2016-presidential-candidates-focused-opening-primary-contests-36330660"}