25 states under winter weather alerts

The deep freeze caused cars to slide along icy highways in Houston and led to a 22-car pileup on a New York highway.
3:05 | 01/03/18

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Transcript for 25 states under winter weather alerts
15 states are on alert for that bitter winter blast. You look at that storm right there. It is taking aim at the entire east coast causing trouble on the roads. Look at that statue that froze in that state. The know and ice is moving north and ginger starts us off. Explain what the bomb cyclone is. Many of us have never heard about it but you say it's rather common. It happens almost every winter. A bomb cyclone you've seen that on social media and gone, oh, no, what's happening. This storm, it is a powerful form, already freezing rain and snow in Georgia and north Florida. You have a coastal storm coming at you. A lot of warm air on one side. Extremely cold, I'm talking colder than we've seen this winter coming in on the back end. That temperature gradient helps to make this storm deepen rapidly. The pressure falls 24 millibars in 24 hours or more and as that deepens and it will by Thursday night it is going to bomb out as we call it close to new England, you will see extreme wind, certainly heavy snow in some places and it is going to make travel nearly impossible so we've got those warnings up and down, blizzard warnings in Maine and eastern Massachusetts where Eva pilgrim is this morning. Reporter: Good morning, ginger. It is already freezing here. We are here south of Boston at what would normally be a very busy ferry terminal. It is closed down this morning. The problem, this right here, ice, that dock behind me is closed because it is frozen over. And more cold weather is headed this way. The eastern half of the country crippled by severe winter weather. Blinding snow in Buffalo, grounding planes at the airport and causing a deadly pileup on this highway. One person losing their life and another seriously injured after 22 vehicles crashed along the New York thruway. Hundreds of cars backed up with nowhere to go completely shutting down a portion of the highway. You couldn't see a gosh darn thing in front of you. Reporter: 25 states under winter weather alerts. On frozen waterways like the Hudson and Chicago rivers crews working to break up the ice by whatever means they can. This is the sound of a ferry breaking through the icy waters of lake superior. Subzero temps also freezing water mains causing them to burst in Massachusetts. Missouri and in Baltimore, turning the street into an ice rink. A brutal commute for those in Chicago. I can't even describe it. It's unbearable. Reporter: An er doctor here telling us they've seen more than a dozen cases of frostbite in just the last few days. The deep heading south. Cars sliding along icy highways in Houston. The thing to remember is if you get into ice, don't jam on the brakes, you'll put a lot of steering input into it. Reporter: One of the major concerns is a higher than Normal storm surge as it comes in on the back side of this, even colder temperatures.

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{"duration":"3:05","description":"The deep freeze caused cars to slide along icy highways in Houston and led to a 22-car pileup on a New York highway.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52111574","title":"25 states under winter weather alerts","url":"/GMA/video/25-states-winter-weather-alerts-52111574"}