ABC News and Univision Make History With Fusion

Join the hosts of "The Morning Show" to get an inside look at the new network.
4:38 | 10/28/13

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Transcript for ABC News and Univision Make History With Fusion
She got this -- a little earpiece and everything. Carr wikarla in from miami. You call it home. What do you love so much about it? I moved to miami when I was 9. My good friends live there. There's something about the town. I don't know what it is. The feel, the vibe. Every time I try to move away, I come back. You can't leave miami. You're always in your boat. You do know, carr karla. If you love water sports, the ocean, it's a great place to live. It's a melting pot. Cuban, american, you don't speak perfect english and spanish. That's why we have fusion that we're starting. Abc news with univision. Starting fusion. This is why we're having the celebration. It is perfect what you describe. I'm going to be watching it every morning from what time to what time? 24 hours? You got it right there. The first endorsement for fusion. Today is the day. Abc news and univision getting together. Launching a brand-new network. Aimed at america's young people. It's on a mission to champion a smart, diverse, and inclusive miami. Let's go to sam and lara in miami with the anchors of fusion's new morning show. Hey, guys. Let's go. You are the new -- you're the woman who does all of the news here at univision. These are the new fresh face, by the way. They are -- this is pedro, pedro andrade. Mariana atencie and yannis pappas. Congratulations. If it's anything like this show, you better have your energy up. This is. We've been working three days. Oh, we can join you. They will have it going. And we take our cues from you guys and from you guys. We have been well taught. Do you have advice for them? I want to welcome them. This say amazing. You're going to be sleeping very little. But you're going to be so happy because you're going to be the first front of information for fusion network viewers. We're so excited. and we just want to remind our viewers that this fiusion happens today because we're making television history. At 6:57 p.M., Univision and abc join forces. Tomorrow at 7:00 in the morning, tease guys will be hosting the morning show. The morning show for young, diverse, inclusive americans. Bring your children. Bring your children. Univision and abc made us. Bring your children. It's a morning show for a new generation of hispanics who speak english and their friends. brooklyn. And they're all here coming together to wake up the millennials. What sit that you're expecting? Hi, how are you? Good morning. I have a kit for the mornings. I'm going to do some weather. Is she ready? you have to wake up early. So, we have this beefl keep in the morning. Start with a cup of coffee. Oh, easy. If the coffee doesn't work, you can play this. Alarm, yes? If the alarm doesn't work. You can -- you have this -- no, no, no. I don't even know who I'm

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{"id":20701769,"title":"ABC News and Univision Make History With Fusion","duration":"4:38","description":"Join the hosts of \"The Morning Show\" to get an inside look at the new network.","url":"/GMA/video/abc-news-univision-make-history-fusion-20701769","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}