Anti-Smoking Ad Calls Celebs 'Unpaid Spokespeople' for Big Tobacco

The ad uses candid photos of celebrities to encourage people to think before smoking.
3:45 | 08/25/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Anti-Smoking Ad Calls Celebs 'Unpaid Spokespeople' for Big Tobacco
Happy anniversary. And the heat index with an anti-smoking campaign getting a lot of buzz at last night's "Mtv video music awards." Shows all these caught on camera smoking, and the ad goes on saying they are serving as unpaid spokes people for big tobacco. It's a way of shaming them in these widely distributed photographs, encourages people to think before smoking. It's pretty powerful, I have to say. And they say please stop posting selfies of yourself smoking. One-third of all young people who start smoking will die a tobacco-related death. Serious issue. Nothing glamorous about it. No. Also in the heat index, a brand new phone charger disguised as a fashion accessory. A place Brais let now that unclasped and drugs into your phone, android, iPhone. Capable of recharging most smartphones, about 60%. The company saying they focused on the technical aspects and the sleek design, giving men and women different versions of a bracelet. We have been there, you have your charger, you're in a jam, if won't get you fully charged, but my question is it okay to have the charge that close to your skin all the time? So many questions about the phone in your ear. It's never sexy to pull out that cord from your pocket. Lingering as you plug it in. Searching for an outlet. I never thought of it that way, but I guess you're right. It's a hot idea. It could become the next big thing, and we talked about it first. And speaking of fashion, it was a fashionable night at the mtv "VMAs." Full of red hot look welcomes and Kristen cavalleri is here with the picks of the most mem able outfits. Nice to see you. Hello. You have said that iggy azalea owned the red carpet. I do. She looks absolutely gorgeous. It's unexpected, the dress. Fits her like a glove, and the silver is so beautiful on her. It is gorgeous. Look at that. She sparkled. And j.lo, looking great. Show a little skin, why not? She gets better and better. It's amazing. And there were risk takers for the number three spot you have Taylor swift in what people are calling a onesie. Is that correct? That's my problem. I think it would have been better as a romper, and a little bit more coverage. She has the legs to pull it off. You have legs like that, why not? Exactly. She looks great. And Katy Perry in a Versace custom gown in denim. Paying homage to Britney spears, and her and that moment of Justin Timberlake will stick out. I love it. She can always pull off something a little stunning. We asked you at home, who wore it best? We have the results from our viewers poll at, and I can't H-- Yahoo!. And it's j.lo at 43%. Double the age of some of the others, rocking that in her 40s, as another woman in her 40s, I don't think I could pull that off. She did. Thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:45","description":"The ad uses candid photos of celebrities to encourage people to think before smoking.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25111656","title":"Anti-Smoking Ad Calls Celebs 'Unpaid Spokespeople' for Big Tobacco","url":"/GMA/video/anti-smoking-ad-calls-celebs-unpaid-spokespeople-big-25111656"}