Ayesha Curry and Anthony 'Spice' Adams kick off the annual 'GMA' cookie search

The hosts of "The Great American Baking Show" share their original holiday cookie recipes and kick off the annual "GMA" Cookie Search.
3:00 | 12/07/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ayesha Curry and Anthony 'Spice' Adams kick off the annual 'GMA' cookie search
and bake-off. The hosts of "The great American baking show." Ayesha curry. Innocentny "Spice" Adams going head to head and have to impress -- you'll have to impress those contestants over there. Tough critics. You can do that at home. You know what, we both did -- he's got four kids. I got four. I have double the amount she has so -- What? I'm used to it. Always a competition. Always. Always. So let's get down to this. Tell me about your cooking. I'm making a toasty doodle. A hybrid between a s'mores and snickledoodle cookie. Mm-mm. Just saying. Tell us the ingredients. Softened butter here and then you're going to want to take that mixer and cream together the sugar and the brown sugar and we have here you're going to mix the cinnamon which is my -- Oh, is that your secret ingredient. The secret ingredient. I love cinnamon. Mix that together when the dough is ready, sift the flour, put in the eggs, all your wet ingredients go with your dry ingredients then you have this dough. Beautiful dough. Filled with cinnamon and sugar and love. Chill it for a couple of hours. You're going to roll it into balls like so. Half the size of a golf ball. Toss it in this sugar. More sugar. More sugar. Yeah. Going to put it on this baking sheet and pop it into the oven. Nice and flat like this then I top it with my other seek ingredient. The marshmallows and can use a torch or pop them in the oven and let that marshmallow get all melty. Okay. Yes. Look good too. Okay, panel of kid testers, give it a try. Give her cookie a dry. No, that's the other cookie. On the right. Give it a taste. All right. Actually -- it's this cookie right here. That cookie right there. Yeah, that's the one. There you go. He ate them both. Don't make your decision just yet. All right. Sir, she threw down. That was cute. That was cute. Now, come on over to my station right here. You're going to add the sugar in here, just like how she said. You turn that on. What is the name of your cookie. My cookie is the spice chocolate chip cookie. Named after myself. Sugar in there. Salt right there. Salt? Eggs, and vanilla extract, then you put this in here. What is your secret ingredient. My secret ingredient right here is the cayenne pepper. Oh. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Cayenne. Okay. That is named after my daughter, my daughter's middle name is cayenne. FYI. The sympathy vote. Wait a minute now. Yeah, yeah, yeah. All righ then you have it right here, right? You just roll it up right here real fine and throw salt on there, bam, like salt Bae right there and throw it in the oven and look like that. Do you get extra points for presence? I should, I should. All right, kid testers, try the chocolate chip cookie. I want to let y'all know if you eat those you grow up to be big and strong like me and Michael Strahan and play football. A little FYI. Butter them up like that. I don't know. This is kind of tough. I like both the secret ingredients. All right, kid testers, which one is it, which one is the winner? Can you decide? Can you let us know. Ayesha, ayesha, eayesha. That's my man right there. He wants to play football. They want to be chefs. Yeah, right. Disrespected up here, man. We getting disrespected. You cook with your kids in the kitchen. And I love your show. Thank you, thank you. I love you. You know, okay. All right. Get these recipes on our website and watch "The great American baking show" tonight here on

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{"id":51634527,"title":"Ayesha Curry and Anthony 'Spice' Adams kick off the annual 'GMA' cookie search","duration":"3:00","description":"The hosts of \"The Great American Baking Show\" share their original holiday cookie recipes and kick off the annual \"GMA\" Cookie Search. ","url":"/GMA/video/ayesha-curry-anthony-spice-adams-kick-off-annual-51634527","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}