Beverly Johnson Says Bill Cosby Drugged Her

The supermodel says she was invited to rehearse for a part on the "Cosby Show" in 1986 when he gave her a drugged cappuccino.
4:08 | 12/12/14

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Transcript for Beverly Johnson Says Bill Cosby Drugged Her
But the brand new allegations against bill Cosby. This time from ground-breaking super model Beverly Johnson who claims she was drugged at his home in the '80s. We have the story. Reporter: What initially kept her from speaking out was fear. That it might ruin her career. Now nearly two decades later, she says it's the hardest decision she has made. She has nothing to gain other than the peace of mind that she was doing the right thing. The drug was very powerful. Something I had never taken before. I was woozy, my speech was slurred. I knew that I was in danger. Reporter: Beverly Johnson, known for being the first african-american model to grace the cover of American "Vogue" says in 1986 she was invited to rehearse at his home for a part in the Cosby show. He said part of the exercise he wanted me to do was act like you were drunk. And I thought, you know, there was a pregnant woman on the show. But I said, well, okay. Reporter: While rehearsing, she said Cosby insisted on make what he said would be the best cup of cappuccino she would ever have. I took a couple of sips of the cappuccino. And from the first sip, and then the second sip, I knew I had been drugged. And I had been drugged really good. At which time he called me over as if to begin the scene. He placed his hands on my waist. Reporter: The super model says she was afraid for her life and went into survival mode. I just started to swear at him. And then I just continued to call him a series of names. He was getting angry. He was pissed. And he, you know, grabbed me by my arm and just dragged me down the brownstone stairs. And a taxi stopped and he threw me in the taxi. Reporter: But if he were going to sexually assault you and you were feeling way out of it like this, what do you think stopped him from doing it? I think that he probably had never been called the name that I kept calling him. Over and over again. I think at that point he wanted to get me out of there. That this was not good. Reporter: Shortly after the encounter Johnson says she called to confront Cosby, but Camille, his wife of more than 50 years, answered the phone. I told her just tell bill I will be calling back. After I hung up the phone, I realized that this was something that I wasn't going to be able to do anything about. This was a person that was huge in the entertainment business. It could cost me my career if I came out. Reporter: In response to the growing number of women claiming they were drugged and in many cases sexual assaulted by K ed by Cosby, his lawyer called those alleges unsubstantiated fantastical stories. They have not responded to the request for comment regarding the latest claims from Johnson. In the last few weeks, several women have come forward, why wait until now? These women gave me the courage to come forward. Reporter: Does it make it different for a black woman to come out accusing a black man? This was the most difficult decision that I have ever made. I am, you know, calling out a black man, a revered black man, and sometimes it's really hard to do the right thing. But this is the right thing to do. Reporter: Johnson says she has no plans to take any legal action against Cosby. When I asked what she hoped the outcome of speaking out would be, that this is bigger than Cosby, she hopes her voice would help all victims of sexual assault to have the courage to speak out. Now to the deal that proved

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{"duration":"4:08","description":"The supermodel says she was invited to rehearse for a part on the \"Cosby Show\" in 1986 when he gave her a drugged cappuccino.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27552763","title":"Beverly Johnson Says Bill Cosby Drugged Her","url":"/GMA/video/beverly-johnson-bill-cosby-drugged-27552763"}