Chris Hemsworth dishes on 'Thor: Ragnarok' and the upcoming 'Avengers' film

Plus, Taika Wititi, the director of the new "Thor" film answers a question from a fan live on "GMA."
4:19 | 10/30/17

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Transcript for Chris Hemsworth dishes on 'Thor: Ragnarok' and the upcoming 'Avengers' film
Back now with Chris -- will you look underneath yours? I can't find any pancakes under my chair. He's finally back in the theaters with a new Thor. Let's take a look. I give you -- Uh-oh. -- Your incredible -- Yes! Because you're thinking, that's my buddy. My buddy. Yeah. Exactly. We had a young make a wish skid on set and he was throwing suggestions and say why don't you say we knee each other. He's a friend from work and ends up being the best line in the movie. Thank you to that kid. Do you want to introduce somebody here in the front row right now. Yeah, sure. This is our director, taika wititi over here. Hello. I found one. I found one under my chair. You found it. I'll give it to you. We'll have to split it later. How much fun was it on the set because I got to tell you, I've enjoyed the series. This one, though, was incredibly humorous. It was and we had so much fun and too much fun I think at some types we thought how are we even going to make a movie here. It felt like a bunch of mates hanging out and experimenting and so on and the first thing we spoke about, we both said -- I said I'm sick of me and he said I'm sick of you too and me as this character so what could we do different? So every day if it felt familiar we went in a different direction. Huge improvisation, tament taika commentating on your performance, sometimes it suck, don't do that again. Get new lines. Seems there has to be some improvising but also the action. Come on. That had to be a little -- any mishaps because there was a lot going on, Chris. Well, it's funny. The stuff that the hulk and Thor fight I'm basically on one set swinging this big hammer around and Mike rough low playing the hulk in another set in the cgi setup so we don't even see each other but I think I probably did more damage to myself just kind of swinging the big thing around and catching my head in the middle of it but, no. Another thing you did yourself, the hair. The hair. You cut off the hair. What was with that? I just got sick of spending two hours in hair and makeup putting the wig on every day but it was just part of this rebirth, this reinvention of the character, strip it all away. Break his hammer, cut the hair, change the costume, change the music and it did -- it gives it such a different flavor and because I think because of the improvisational quality it has an unpredictable wacky nature to it which is unique and something we're all pretty proud of. Unpredictable is the word. I was watching it. I was laughing. I hadal toed the series but it was just something -- cate Blanchett, the whole -- the cast is absolutely fantastic and you have a lot of super fans and Brandon -- Hello. Is one right here. You have a question. I'm a huge MCU fan, huge fan of you and your work. I wanted to know you've been an actor for a long time and we saw you dance earlier but is there any other entertainment job like a job in the business that you would like to attend while you're still working? Oh, I'd like to -- I think about directing sometimes and then I see how much work taika has to do and I think -- So I realize I don't have the brain capacity or the creativity like him so maybe I'll make coffees or something. You could do anything that you like. You're a big fan. Everybody is a fan? Huge fan. Huge fan. We're going to give you two tickets to see "Thor." Awesome. Thank you.

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{"duration":"4:19","description":"Plus, Taika Wititi, the director of the new \"Thor\" film answers a question from a fan live on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"50803681","title":"Chris Hemsworth dishes on 'Thor: Ragnarok' and the upcoming 'Avengers' film","url":"/GMA/video/chris-hemsworth-dishes-thor-ragnarok-upcoming-avengers-film-50803681"}