What your Christmas tree says about you

As the holidays approach, the "GMA" anchors discuss a new report on what your Christmas tree choice reveals about your personality.
6:42 | 11/17/17

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Transcript for What your Christmas tree says about you
come out, the star of the new film "Call on mme by your name" his favorite color is green. He hates wasting time so please bring him out, his name is armie hammer. Nice to see you. Good to see you again. How are you? Good to see you. Good to see you. Hi, how are you? Oh, my goodness. Armie. Oh good morning, everybody. Yeah, you're a morning person. Yeah, sometimes. And sometimes darn I hear you have a morning ritual. Yeah, I like to take a morning ritual. When I shower it's part ritual, part hygiene and I shower just to start the morning, freshen up, a little water on the face. Good to know. What a ritual. Speaking of rituals and tleeking of traditions you and your family do a big gathering at Thanksgiving every year but then the day after you do something very special. Tell us about it. So the day after Thanksgiving we have a routine with my wife's family where everybody gets up, bundles up after my shower, of course, bundle up, get nice and warm and go out into the woods like the forest and Colorado and find the perfect Christmas tree. Kind of like the griswolds. We basically cut the Christmas tree down and tie it to the top of the car which is hilarious and spend a month slowly getting it ready. We go to the corner of 73rd and lex. By the way, it's much easier. George. Are you an ornament guy and save every ornament? Your kids are little but do they make -- They always make cute ornaments which is so great but my wife -- had is it all about traditions. We have another one where -- that's our daughter and son Ford and Harper. So cute. You have a Harper. Yeah. See, I knew I liked you, George. But what we do every year we cut like a little disc off the bottom and write the date on it so we have a little thing we can hang up. Although it's all -- I never really realized how kind of macabre it is because we're cutting a piece off a tree to hang it on another tree so I think that's -- anyway, yeah -- But, yeah, we did a study and depending on what kind of tree you like and festivities you're an ornament guy so according to this very serious scientific study you love your family. Yes. That's good to know. I'm glad -- hopefully that wasn't tax dollars that went into that study because I could have just told. You reading it to you and protective of the ones you love in there you go. Good too in all that from buying an ornament. All right, let's talk about your movie. It cops out next week. One of the themes have gone viral and it shows you can really bust air move. Oh. You're shaking your head which means I want to see it. Ah. How was it to film? There you go. Oh, geez. All right, I'm never coming back. Never coming back. Come on. It's -- by the way, filming a dance scene is actually terrible. Because there is no music, it's dead silent. No music. No, there's nothing. Because they have to record audio so now it's basically like you're also the only one dancing and you're jumping around to no music -- And everyone is watching. The whole crew like and then all like the background are all looking at you andbro, it's like 3:00 in the morning. Can you quit dancing. I wish I could. Yeah. Can we hel you recover by showing another clip? Oh, please, thank you. I'm going to talk so bear with me a second. You're writing the case and do find their origins in Greek words however in the case of apricot it's a more complicated journey. Ah, how so. The Greek takes over from the Latin the Lann being. Or To be precocious or premature. Oh, my god. It's a thriller. A lot of buzz. Yeah. I know you're superstitious too. Expectations are the root of all suffering so don't even think about it. I watched it last night. It is so or 'tis tick. Thank you. It is so beautifully shot and the story line and all the characters and that. And it's about young love. I don't want to give away too much. First love. And talk about speaking of that, I love the story of how your parents -- is there oh, yeah. -- Met. Talk about love. Funny story. My dad was on a business trip and he was flying from somewhere in Texas to somewhere in Oklahoma or vice versa. And he got to the airport and decided that he should go to the bar and have a drink which led to another drink which led to another drink which led to him passing out at the bar and missing his flight. I thought it would be a sweet story. It gets there. It's a real me cute. He wakes up, oh, my god I missed my flight. I'm going to get fired. I'll take any airline it was a little airline called muse air. Which doesn't exist and gets on the pane a bigger guy and put him in a middle seat and just like starts to get kind of claustrophobic and says I'm so sorry. Anyone around me willing to switch seats. I'll buy you a drink and person right next to my mom switched seats and he ended up sitting tex to my mom and they ended up spending the entire flight talking and I mean chemistry and hit it off whole thing and then at the end of the flight my dad looks over at the guy sleeping and goes, is that your boyfriend and she looks at him and goes, nope. And that's -- then they were engaged 11 days later. Really was? It really was her boyfriend. Yep. What a story. Your mom. That's amazing. It was meant to be. Yep. You know, you have something else in common with that man right there. You both have a child named Harper. Yep. Both people sexiest men alive. Both of you. Does it embarrass you as much as -- You didn't even know you were being nominated. No, in fact like I emphatically I said I didn't want to and my publicist submitted me and called mean and said surprise you're on "People's" sexiest people, and I was like, no, you did not. Yeah, oh, my god. I don't know if the camera is reading it but you're pushing. I'm actually blushing. We'll save you again. "Call me by your name."

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{"id":51211657,"title":"What your Christmas tree says about you","duration":"6:42","description":"As the holidays approach, the \"GMA\" anchors discuss a new report on what your Christmas tree choice reveals about your personality. ","url":"/GMA/video/christmas-tree-51211657","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}