Colorado Hail Damages Planes

The storms continue across the US with tornado watches and 70 mph winds.
2:18 | 05/22/14

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Transcript for Colorado Hail Damages Planes
Let's begin with the wild weather hitting so much of the country. A tornado reported tornadoes, hail and wind, as well. Ginger is tracking it all. This morning, it's happening now in parts ofr Nashville, around Kentucky, excuse me. And in the mid-atlantic and the northeast. It's been a stormy one. Severe thunderstorm mornings earlier this morning. There will be four pockets we'll be watching. In parts of Texas ñ and New Mexico. That's why I said Nashville earlier. And throughout the northeast, from New York state, down to Virginia. We'll have to be on alert for hail, damaging winds and, again, isolated tornadoes. Denver, you get another shot. That's where we find this morning, our Clayton sandal. The streets yesterday morning, covered in hail, in Denver. Reporter: Good morning, ginger. That's right. And here at Denver international, we were right in the bull's eye. The nation's fifth-busiest airport, temporarily shut down by that powerful hailstorm. Half a dozen jets here damaged so badly, they couldn't even fly. An outbreak of severe weather. From large hail, tornadoes and flash flooding.xd pummeling parts of the country. Out here innb the çrockies, and all the way to Pennsylvania. Here it goes, bro. Reporter: Tornadoes appearing here and around Denver, Colorado. Eight touched down, including this one at the Denver international airport. Shutting down the airport for just over an hour. Flights were delayed and canceled. Passengers ordered to evacuate and seek shelter. Six jets damaged from falling hail. Hail so heavy, up to five inches in some places. Snowplows, rarely seen in may, out in force on major highways. Overnight, heavy rains in Dayton, Ohio, closed interstate highways, where cars were submerged, even floating. I've never seen it like this. Reporter: Floodwaters inundating entire neighborhoods, throughout Ohio. I can't even go home. There's no way v:out. Everywhere you look, the water is high. Reporter: And in elk county, Pennsylvania, water rescue crews, plucking people from their homes and businesses. And this region is not done yet. A whole new round of storms and heavy rain expected later this afternoon.

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{"duration":"2:18","description":"The storms continue across the US with tornado watches and 70 mph winds.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23822123","title":"Colorado Hail Damages Planes","url":"/GMA/video/colorado-hail-damages-planes-23822123"}