Comedian Sinbad Says He's Open to Playing a Genie Even if the Movie 'Shazaam' Doesn't Exist

Tony Reali reports the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.
3:41 | 12/24/16

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Transcript for Comedian Sinbad Says He's Open to Playing a Genie Even if the Movie 'Shazaam' Doesn't Exist
Daughter Allie is here to erupted I have no idea how important its effect on it like out of river that until we get through this so I can do some Christmas shopping yet. Let's go Bob new theory go already users are convinced the comedian Sinbad Zeta Jeannie and ninety's movie called should advantage. It turns out the movie does not actually exist but it soon could sit but. Took to Twitter saying he'd be willing to take on the which raising role. All the people convince the film is real. Comedic actor posted three back at September confirming the movie is a figment of the internet's imagination. That hasn't stopped you did it before by the way today have you noticed no one by agents that it seemed as though cult that fed will be coming up. I don't remember because that which Akeelah meals a teeny bit no shows that molest. There was a sequel where Shaq would selling the sham wow. Did he accomplish as well get it done that's where we get my wife for Christmas and every dollar thought I want her back to you here would have noticed that once. Holiday festivities wrap people may experience severe days. Of exhaustion several days of it's being called family jet lag and not known not talking about us. It comes from a disruption of your normal routine clinical psychologist doctor Adams freed says the feeling is more than. Just too many servings of Apple iPod or Mott school GU leash and dignity we have to governor Bev here it's actually. I didn't resulting in extreme fatigue because by the pressure have a picture perfect gathering music precious vacation days. That hot button topics at the table doctor freed as. Helpful tilt tips to combat Bentley jet leg he says positive self talk. Thoughtful planning and meditation dance solos. I was actually talking miss a minute safety seriously about how to like deal with a holiday it's one thing they said is. Expectations. Are killer if you if you expect lower exorbitant Rockwell. Holiday you're going to be just. OK show of all the pop news we have this is just. But most expected a positive move that 60%. Jump to the Christmas beer but tickets when he families on a holiday shopping spree here's Carmelo Anthony. Joined by the knicks' coaching staff the garden of dreams foundation and a Bronx based community development organization. At a target in New York where the big holiday haul. The best multi partner with regard to treat to take god the entire cost for the shopping event celebrated that the night time all star Anthony said. You got shoes clothes folk laps up national bureau all rides. Rates over here. By the minute next Medicaid but not enough they still there at GM is now and for the last fifteen years says that worked out for them. Now blogger. They're quite obviously bad for the Chicago apartment effective and that's a win for them if I play that next TV Morse New Zealand and I'm not school Healy let's get back to that. I've thought about this the Fairmont San Francisco has built these 42 foot tall gingerbread house. In the lobby of their hotel look at this that the two story creation boasts almost 8000 ginger bricks. The records with bloodhounds of the royal icing at 700 pounds of candy it took a page 2375. Hours of pulled off this that was designed. And the hotel's executive pastry chef says the trick to making its thirty structure is extremely hard gingerbread to keep it from peeling out. Before you'd really. Try to ticket by that in this Marsha NIC get a regular here. Actually built that up plywood and two by fours and Mason at least BB foundation has so feeding that hasn't stopped rub before. Or run so it I come from a long line of Mason so you know at some point Betty. Everybody had a drill. I don't know if that means we'll see you tomorrow morning hunt prisoners they haven't thank you Tony green apple in a dollar.

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{"duration":"3:41","description":"Tony Reali reports the buzziest stories of the day in \"GMA\" Pop News.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44383693","title":"Comedian Sinbad Says He's Open to Playing a Genie Even if the Movie 'Shazaam' Doesn't Exist","url":"/GMA/video/comedian-sinbad-open-playing-genie-movie-shazaam-exist-44383693"}