Countdown to Thanksgiving: Sandra Lee Shares Her Turkey Day Treats

Celebrity chef and cookbook author Sandra Lee shares her recipes for Thanksgiving party appetizers including a pecan cheese turkey.
3:31 | 11/17/16

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Transcript for Countdown to Thanksgiving: Sandra Lee Shares Her Turkey Day Treats
contributor to our beautiful show, Sandra Lee is here to talk Turkey day, dishes and treats. Always wonderful to have you here, Sandra. Okay, so first of all, I have -- you have always been committed to children and nutrition and better nutrition, about that and this position with unicef, position that you now have with unicef, special nutrition emissary. Yes. It comes around -- tell us about this position that you have now. I've been involved with unicef for about 17 years, in fact I'm one of three founding board members of the L.A. Chapter and been part of the family for a long time and decided I wanted to get more involved and made some mission trips and I was just down in Haiti which is an incredible place. You know, there's so much need, nutritional need with these children and the moms just don't know how to feed them even with what they have so I went down there and we did some cooking classes and I was with the children, with I is amazing and it's an honor. It's a privilege to serve. It's work. It's work for you. It's work for all of us. We are a global community. The program tonight on discover tlc. Discovery family and tlc is called unichef. And so it's all about kind of giving back and recipes. We'll watch you tonight but we'll put you to work right now. What do you have. This is sweet and spicy bacon. Everybody loves this in the restaurants and it's so expensive normally and easy to make. Lay bacon on a pan and combine pepper with pecans, very finally chopped into brown sugar. Okay. That goes on to the bacon into the oven, 350 for 25 minutes and that's what you get. Oh, my gosh, that looks so good. That for Thanksgiving like put the Turkey away. These are brownie truffles. Favorite brownie mix, I like to use the one that has the pouch in it. The chocolate pouch. Then you want to use a little bit of corn syrup and also in here you're going to put instead of the water chocolate milk then you stir it up, make your little truffle balls and put it into the refrigerator for one hour and then you can roll this in anything you'd like. You can see them right there. You can do coconut. You can do almonds. You can do anything you like. I love how you have it laid out so everyone can nosh. This is the bomb. Everybody is eating -- ? You see that. These are -- these are doughnut cupcakes. Lara, only one. Doughnut cupcakes so spice cake mix instead of water you put apple cider in there. Those little things you do. Sorry. Then cream cheese with powdered sugar and pumpkin pie spice then all you do is you spread it around, right? On your cupcake. Go big or go home. That's right. Then what you do is take a store bought doughnut, put it in a little bit of sugar and put that on top. Yeah, no. Homemade. I love that. These are delicious. Powder sugar. Oh, no, look at the Turkey. Bacon. That is just cream cheese and goat cheese put together into a round. Pecans all the way around and tortilla chips and pigs in a blanket. Puff pastry and use the roll dough. All the recipes are on our site.

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{"duration":"3:31","description":"Celebrity chef and cookbook author Sandra Lee shares her recipes for Thanksgiving party appetizers including a pecan cheese turkey.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43595786","title":"Countdown to Thanksgiving: Sandra Lee Shares Her Turkey Day Treats","url":"/GMA/video/countdown-thanksgiving-sandra-lee-shares-turkey-day-treats-43595786"}