What's Your Dishwasher Personality?

A recent GE study found three prominent dishwasher personalities, and that many couples battle over the best way to keep their dishes clean.
6:07 | 07/02/15

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Transcript for What's Your Dishwasher Personality?
I didn't know this was a war about this. Wow. We have some dirty dishes from the guacamole we ate before and now we're -- ? final countdown." Repurposing. We got to get them clean. But did you know that nearly half of all Americans surveyed say they are argue over the proper way to fill a dishwasher and a story we found in "Wall Street journal" said they're all doing it wrong. Ginger, enlighten us. I know I'm doing it wrong. Should the dishes go on the top rack? What about forks, spoons and knives face up or face down? Nearly everyone has an opinion on how you should do the dishes including my husband but if you want to prove you're right, get ready for a fight. It's the heavy-duty debate soaking countless couples. How to load one of your home's most used appliances, the dishwasher. I definitely have to rearrange things when he does it. It's double the work. Reporter: Stephanie says it's a sudsy issue she and her husband face every night. I do the dishes better. I do the dishes correctly. Reporter: They are not alone. A recent study found the dish much washer is a battleground for more than 40% of Americans. What's wrong with the way I did it. Reporter: Fighting over whether to point the knives up or down. Prerinse versus no prerinse. Speed cycle, half theenergy. Reporter: Where to place more delicate items like glass and plastic. Like that? No. Loading utensils into a dishwasher becoming a knife through the heart of your marriage. Reporter: Appliance maker Bosch capitalizing on the feud in this marketing parody. In the film "Rachel getting married" it was all about speed. And to get them perfectly clean when it comes to the dishes my husband and I Ben are far from a matching set. Boom, look at that. Color coordinating. Reporter: No matter how you tack them this may be the cleanest mess ever to hit the kitchen. This is the best dishwasher and he's the one that keeps this place together. I'm like Mr. Clean without the gorgeous pectoral muscles. And he's got a little more hair. The biggest argue many couples have about washing dishes whether to prerinse them or not. Of those who argue over dishwashing, 61% disagree on whether you should hand clean your dishes before you put them in the dishwasher and that's my problem. Isn't it the dishwasher's job and Ben, he cleans it before it goes in. You and Ben, most adorable couple ever. Let's just put it out there. Bottom of it, joining us lifestyle expert chi LAN lieu. To prerinse or not to prerinse is the question. Let's just squash the debate once and for all. The number one dishing etiquette, do not prerinse. That's because dishwashers are so much more advanced. Take a look here. Now, dishwashers are equipped with these intelligent sensors all the way around that seek out all of that dirt and muck in your dishes. So that's great. Not only that but detergents now are so advanced they contain all these enzymes that dissolve the food. You don't need to prerinse at all. Tick those dirty dishes in there and let your dishwasher do the business. Don't wastewater. And saving time because you don't have another chore to do. Win/win. All right. I didn't realize there are different personalities. We saw that a little bit with Ben and ginger. What is that all about. GE commissioned a survey about people that use their dishwashers and realized there are three personalities that always come up. Now, the first one they're called the protecters. These people are so interesting. It has to do with just utensils. They always load the dishwasher with all the utensils facing down so when you grab it you only touch the handles, nothing that you would eat with. Now, when it comes to the second type, and that an organizer they don't care how the dishwasher is loaded as long as it's using every single inch appropriately. Amen. Is that you? Just get in there. I'm more of a curator and like my tall dishes with the tall, the bowls with the bowls and like it looking good coming in and coming out. I think she's on your team. Show us the proper way. We got dirty guacamole dishes here. We need to get these clean and don't rinse these, guys of the lea tart with the top rack. A lot of couples argue go this. You want to do your glasses, as well as your plasticware face down on the top because the pressure of the water is not so harsh up here. That means your glasses won't get a scratch as if you loaded them in the bottom. All right. When it comes to utensils don't be afraid to mix it up. Forks and spoons mix it up in there with the knives facing down. Have you ever noticed how spoons and forks nest in the drawer. You are don't want that to happen in the dishwasher. Put the knives down because you don't want to cut yourselves. Exactly. What else? When it comes to your cast iron and nonstick cookware, don't use the dishwasher. For stainless steel pots and pans, throw it this there, not prerinse rinse, of course, and close it up. Good to go. When you're ready to run it, try not to always use Normal. I am guilty of that for sure. But there's so many different cycles. When you're doing like those caked on casserole dishes or baking pans, use the heavy and the pots and pans mode. When you're going to do something delicate like China and glassware you can run them in the dishwasher. Use the delicate mode. Run it during the middle of the day energy saver. Try using energy saving mode or eco mode because you're lighter on the environment which is always a wonderful thing. See, I read the note. Yeah, robin. There you go, girl. I have no credibility in this debate. I filled two dishwashers in the last year but -- Oh! That's incredible, George. Being honest about it but I don't see the harm in rinsing before. Oatmeal. You have to prerinse because I have a lot of kids that like oatmeal all crusty. It's the enzymes. They latch on and dissolve it. I don't have those ensigns in my dishwasher then. It takes my elbow grease. I'm with you. I like a little mini rinse. I'm just saying. Splitting it up. I'm going to follow your advice. Thank you, thank you very much.

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{"duration":"6:07","description":"A recent GE study found three prominent dishwasher personalities, and that many couples battle over the best way to keep their dishes clean.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"32178570","title":"What's Your Dishwasher Personality? ","url":"/GMA/video/dishwasher-personality-32178570"}