Donald Trump Sues Celebrity Chef Over Cancelled Restaurant Development

The "GMA" team and insiders analyze some of the biggest stories trending this morning.
7:39 | 06/17/16

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Transcript for Donald Trump Sues Celebrity Chef Over Cancelled Restaurant Development
Time now for our big board. My first big board. Get ready. Buckle up. Our team of insiders ready to weigh in and first up Donald Trump gets to pose in a case against chef Geoffrey Zakarian pulled out of plans to open up a restaurant with him over his disparaging comments about Mexican immigrants and Jon Karl joins us to weigh in. What do you make of his decision to pick a fight in the middle of this presidential election? Reporter: Amy, it seems a little nuts. He's going to fight not just with one but two celebrity chefs on this issue. He also sued chef Jose Andres for the exact same issue and so here you have a presidential candidate taking time from the campaign trail giving hours' worth of depositions and, remember, this was trump's choosing. He is the one who sued here. He is the one who picked this fight. But if you talk to trump about this he says it's a matter of principle. He has no regrets going forward. Matter of principle and business but what happens if he's got all these lawsuits and gets elected. Will it get in the way of being president? This is a guy who has had more than 3,000 lawsuits, David, over the past 30 years. There's 70 new lawsuits since he started running for president a year ago. 50 of them still active. It's hard to see how they won't remain a distraction. But we're told he actually kind of likes giving depositions. He actually likes this fight and likes to go in and win. You know what he has more of than lawsuits, tweets but Hillary Clinton is trying to up her game. This tweet this morning, there was a tweet overnight, quoting trump saying, you tell me, who is better for the gay community and whose better for women than Donald Trump? Hillary Clinton retweets with one word, hi. She has clearly upped her game and borrowed a few pages out. The trump playbook. The instant response on this. The use of humor, the taunting, the trolling. She is definitely picked it up but it is something to hear Donald Trump now in speech after speech talk about being a big advocate of lgbt rights. I never heard him talk about that during the course of the primary, not once in how many retweets did Hillary get on that. It was like 38,000 likes, 18,000 retweets. Both campaigns know the power of social media. Yeah. A few months left of those tweets. Just a few. We turn now to the next thing on the big board. Bill gulps. Beware after 40 failed attempts to pass a tax on sugary drinks Philadelphia becomes the first to succeed. Get's get to Rebecca on this. They tried to stop this but Philadelphia's mayor was really -- he really pushed for this. Are other major cities watching closely. So closely. This could be a game changer because you have San Francisco, four other cities in the country that are looking at similar proposals and two other states, Alabama and Illinois looking at similar proposals, the fact that Philadelphia after all of these years was able to do this, they expect to raise $400 million in tax revenue over five years, this could really be a game changer for the full industry and what's really interesting here is how the mayor of Philadelphia attacked the issue. They came at in this time with a new strategy saying, we just want to raise money. We want to raise more money for the city. They didn't look at it as much as a health risk and that's part of the reason that they were able to pass it but, of course, the mayor says we still want ourty to be healthy and an added benefit here. You know, a lot of people don't like these nanny state laws, nanny state taxes so what are people saying? What's been the public reaction to this. Very strong feelings on both sides of this, Amy. Of course, the beverage industry is outraged. They don't want to pay more taxes. They don't want their consumers to face more taxes, they have been facing really depressed sales over the last couple of years. You've seen those soda sales drop to 30-year lows in the last couple of years here, so that's a big issue and there are some consumers who are going to say, hey, we don't want the price of our drinks to go up. On the flip side, cities are benefiting. They see more of that tax revenue, those services come out, a lot of people benefit from that too. We'll see if other cities and states follow. Thanks, Rebecca. Now to the NBA finals where Lebron and the Cavs are on the verge of making history. Forcing game seven with the warriors after trailing 3-1. Steph curry melting down ejected in the final quarter and Jalen rose former MLB finalist and current ESPN analyst joins us now live. All right, so Jalen, talk about Steph curry. He fouled out then freaked out and threw his mouthpiece into the stands. Tnl homes says no way is he going to be suspended for game etch seven. What say you? He will not be suspended for game seven. Being in the arena, I initially thought that not only he threw his mouthpiece but he threw it in the direction of the official. If that had happened, yes, he would be suspended. He did unfortunately hit a fan but that will not lead to a suspension. There will be a hefty fine, probably $25,000 but Steph curry will be in uniform for the two best words in sports this Sunday on ABC. Game seven. Game seven. Wait, Jalen, so it depends on who he was throwing it at like that determines whether or not he's suspended? Well, if you are throwing it at an official it's viewed a lot different. Of course, you would have rather him keep it in his mouth first and foremouth. Second if you get upset maybe throw it at the ground but if you do throw it at a fan, unfortunately, if you are a Cavs fan that will not lead to suspension, it's going to be a great game. Great theater for the NBA finals. If you're a warriors fan, you just save it. Here's a question for you, Steph curry not going to be suspended but will his wife ayesha who sent that tweet out last night, she said the game is rigged for money and ratings and since deleted the tweet but it made a lot of headlines. Who isn't emotional for their mate? Okay. This is high intensity, it's the NBA finals and I will say this, she's staying true to character. It's not like she's been the mate that has not been tweeting, that has not been on television, that has not been outspoken about everything that happens with the golden state warriors so I'm not surprised she got upset that Steph fouled out for the first time this season, got EE jeged for the first time ever. She was in the building. It was an emotional time. She deleted the tweet. She will not be suspended. She will not be fined and more importantly she will not be playing this Sunday. Okay. That's true. Good to know. Speaking of playing let's talk about Lebron James. What do you think the chances are he makes history? There's a very good chance. How about this? Lebron James is the first player in the NBA finals to lead either team in these statistical categories, points, rebounds, assists, blocks, steals. He's been dominant. Regardless of which team wins, he's going to be finals mvp in my opinion but I tell you what, for this team to be able to force a game seven, it almost seems like the momentum is headed in the Cleveland cavaliers way. There goes that mouthguard. If he's watching this morning. We'll all be watching Sunday night. Rebecca, Jalen and Joplin, thanks for being with us. Thanks a lot. I mentioned we can all see game seven of the NBA finals Sunday night at 8 P.M. Eastern right here on ABC. You can stay up on Sunday night. I think I can. We'll be here Monday morning and carry you through. What made prince George face

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