Extreme Facial That Draws Blood

The Skin Perfectionist Celebs Swear By
4:08 | 06/03/14

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Transcript for Extreme Facial That Draws Blood
There's nothing better than getting -- -- when your day -- so. This is relaxing -- moved from now. -- perfect skin and everyone wants it. What links would you go through to get it. The -- celebrities like Penelope Cruz Kate Upton into cell function it's a lever faceless Christine chance but to most she's known by her nickname. -- Christine and her painful facials are known to pack a punch we -- mean Christine inner -- New York city's top. At first glance she seemed nice you don't -- me -- to get this thing eight. When it's icy and -- gearing -- things that go for it. And the owner facials me hurt she said they have a purpose last patient -- you -- -- Wayne -- only. But if that haven't -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- any problem the idea that -- cut it. We remove it just -- -- yes you -- it's. That's that I say no pain no gain but if he can't handle the -- It's still pay out of town planning his comeback attempt to stop I can't make it I think if you look up to -- -- baffled. All. Is that wise as that this -- -- -- apathy and I can't have FaceBook outlet that. And the prices for her perfection and aren't cheat. A facial with Christine is 250 dollars and most of her appointments include other services like -- like college peel or -- -- immigration. Critics can -- after three months for an appointment and why -- from as far as China to see her. And -- and I hear things. It has. To Christine and her clients the treatments are important she compares them to any medical check up asking me -- like T. So if they don't get a good clean them it is -- -- -- another plaque. The same -- can't considering her reputation. I was nervous for our point I'm interests and cleaning skin meaning -- -- claims lead. There will Eagles are definitely. If I don't see let I'm not happy. Coming yet yet the speech started with a light -- and end mean Christine begin evaluating my skin. We can pull that taking them ample facts he can't. Well -- -- kept them. Once the problems right genocide she got to work cleaning the skin with what she calls her best assistant a dining hit -- -- region -- A little rough it past time the F combined with a little dust us. -- -- work began Christina unveils her other secret weapon a Lansing used to cut and make it distractions from this it. -- We former member of the nagging you -- bloodbath pleaded promised much more from -- -- I. Wouldn't think. It's. Ninety minutes later I could finally relaxed and usually kind of like this but there have been. But before that they are looking at me static kill you. We this happens. Let them very love hate relationship that crime. I'm less appealing a -- puffy but hopeful. How long it would take until ITT ideal result camp full -- still weak. Over the next few days I did notice a change in my skin. By -- guy if it's glowing which left me thinking maybe she has a -- But would you be willing to suffer through pain in order to gain from -- sesame and there have been seven before. A -- -- for months. I think. I appreciate you like.

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{"duration":"4:08","description":"The Skin Perfectionist Celebs Swear By","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23976334","title":"Extreme Facial That Draws Blood ","url":"/GMA/video/extreme-facial-draws-blood-23976334"}