The New Fashion Must-Have: Black Leggings

Is there really a difference between the most and least expensive legwear accessory?
3:07 | 03/16/15

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Transcript for The New Fashion Must-Have: Black Leggings
Next up on the heat index, black leggings are a fashion must. But does it make a difference how much offspend on them. ABC's Becky Worley puts it to the test. The modern uniform. Definitely leggings. Like five or six pairs. Black leggings that can cost $65, $75, $95. But you can go to a sporting goods store or discount retailer and get leggings that look nearly identical for a traction of the cost. So we asked Marcel la and Ella to help us with a experiment. First blindfolded. Can they tell the difference between an $82 pair of leggings and a $35 pair? The fabric feels nice and tight on my skin. So, yeah, this is expensive pair. I think they're inexpensive because they're sort of rough and scratchy. Guess what? They both got it wrong. On feel and fit they couldn't tell the difference. What about to the casual observer. We put Ella in an expensive pair and Marcel la in the less expensive. Can you see a difference? I would say this one is the more Spence sieve and this one less expensive. No. They look exactly the same? Yeah. Are they the same? No. That pair $82. That pair, $24. Unreal. The inexpensive parents were undetectable to the observer's eye. That's the $82. Yeah. I agree. It's amazing. It's like they have expensive leggings esp. A few people who really know about clothing. Are you in the fashion business? I am. You are. So the fabric matters? Yes. Watches well. Comfortable on. Doesn't shrink. The expensive pair is made of nylon and the less expensive is poly-esther. And our aye ball test has nothing to do with duringability over time. Becky Worley joins us. Are you going to put Toyota the test? I am. I have one pair of the leggings on this manican. One is $19 and one $72. Does it look like a $53 difference? No. You can't tell the difference. As you said in the piece, it's also about how long they wear. I would say this is the more expensive one. What makes you say that? It feels like the material is different. Stay there a little bit more. You are correct. Oh. Ding! I knew which one is more expensive. You got it. It's not a big difference. No. To the eye, $52 difference, no. I'll take those. Always a pleasure, Becky, thank you.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"Is there really a difference between the most and least expensive legwear accessory? ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"29664806","title":"The New Fashion Must-Have: Black Leggings","url":"/GMA/video/fashion-black-leggings-29664806"}