Federal Agent Faces Second Trial for Alleged Murder

Christopher Deedy continues the fight to clear his name in McDonald’s shooting after first trial ended in a hung jury.
2:05 | 07/31/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Federal Agent Faces Second Trial for Alleged Murder
But first the case of a federal agent on trial for a second time for murder. Christopher deedy shot and killed a man. He's claiming self-defense, his trial ended in a hung jury now trying to convince a second jury to clear his name and Neal Karlinsky has the story. I took those two shots. He came back down on top of me. And didn't punch me again. Reporter: Deedy trying to explain his version of what you see on this surveillance video. Agent deedy and the khaki shorts and light-colored shirt scuffling with then shooting and killing 23-year-old colin elderts. I was trying to keep control of the firearm. That's what you were doing but what were you thinking? I was thinking I was going to die. Reporter: Deedy was off duty at the time and claimed the victim was hassling customers and acting aggressively. Put my hands up, said, stop, I'll shoot. Pleaded them to stop what they're doing. Reporter: The jury couldn't reach a unanimous verdict has prosecutors tried to prove he was drunk, out of line and guilty of second degree murder. The defendant was fueled by alcoh alcohol, primed by warnings about hostile lows and imbued with a sense of entitlement? One of the key advantages for prosecutors they can correct mistakes that they made the first time around. Reporter: He has pleaded not guilty. Legal experts believe his fate rests in his own hands. His testimony last time versus this time will be dissected and compared by prosecutors. Just happened so fast, escalated so quickly. Reporter: In a blow to the defense the judge will not allow this cell phone video to be shown in which he can be seen trying to keep elderts alive telling him to breathe and trying to stop the bleeding. I didn't try to kill anybody when I got involved. The whole reason I got involved was to stop anybody from getting hurt to begin with. Reporter: Neal Karlinsky, ABC news, Seattle.

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{"duration":"2:05","description":"Christopher Deedy continues the fight to clear his name in McDonald’s shooting after first trial ended in a hung jury.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24785994","title":"Federal Agent Faces Second Trial for Alleged Murder","url":"/GMA/video/federal-agent-faces-trial-alleged-murder-24785994"}