Gabrielle Union Talks 'Being Mary Jane'

The actress discusses her role on the hit TV series.
4:27 | 01/10/17

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Transcript for Gabrielle Union Talks 'Being Mary Jane'
How do you being in Chicago. You are doing all my guys you know what I'm on the midwest he's from Chicago didn't back story and I knew he just got trade litigation did not look what I think he is a free agent so he was like a good work I'm sorry we're gonna get the difference. I'm oh yeah. Yeah a lot of. So yeah. I received from Robbins Illinois outside Chicago. Played all thirteen years Miami and then you know free agent this summer and still not go back home. And to flip play in front of his mom and and did you treat yourself to a great Arab winter boots I treated I cheat myself to food. I'm in Chicago has some of the best restaurant about a she sent out about Hollywood died for me in Chicago I'm just like inhaling things that you see these don't talk that he could wave from across the way because I'm inhaling. But we love it we love it I had syndicate's. You know parties settled in really nicely in under the plan high school basketball in and that everybody's you know doing what could well have been the weather is a little bit of a challenge what I think he's speaker of the you know Dowayne plan basketball to kids are playing basketball. But you know. We on the transformation to annihilate us. Here now known about saddleback Bono of U Kamal bridge yet you may bring about the only. Yeah I didn't. Good job regular rounds sports basketball softball soccer chat. And home but can we discussed but look what's happening I could. I had more along yeah. That was in my Cat Power stations are entering today's yeah. I had bleached and we can't really tell the photo but I had. Dumped my bangs an ad in a the bowl of peroxide. And then sat out in a sudden it wouldn't recommend that. It was bright red. And yeah clearly I went outside myself because it's little slit and he. They worked out for it Stuart got got everything is often you know they came on in the. Now Miami needed just everything that's coming your way would I mean. Managing for the port C zinni Bennett. Yeah. A morning show so does this kind of bring back. Middle Bingham. Send Mary Jane hasn't made it to the anchor death yet she's not read it she. Not a she's leaning. I didn't get it again. Bottom but now she's she's starting over she got fired from Latin job. And she's you know pushing forty and having to start over so she is low man on the totem pole and she has seen she's completely humbled and she's got to fight her way back up. What I tell you what I watched the show and I'm Michael doing waigel me man don't have seen the but you know it's not but you're you're you're excellent admit that yes in the so you you really are prudent thing to look at you and action methodical half a million. Doesn't really your birthday Lira did he is going to be on camera. But suddenly feel some empathy standing here if you. Love it 0202 know anything about you were a surprising people act it can stick around listen. I don't think the goose Howard durable is he thought all of our birthday boys and girls here and out there. Happy birthday. Morning and now. I have to work on my perky Nestor that's not enough. And the backlog is at heart yeah that you had a movie sleepless coming out also did you I thought. Always fat pig jokes Derek how would that upset with him JC is it's nonsense it's nonsense as it's a stand up show but we're you know we're both from you know huge sports fans will be talking a lot of sports. We talk a lot of smack. If you outcome of how to become second nature Bernie. And looks a little ball his impersonation of LeBron. Is highly popular. Idea B I don't get rid of bad weather and heads its diversity should have abroad but yeah. I don't think my husband would find it hasn't even if I. You know we were unhappy Kennedy. On why didn't you check that out as well.

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{"duration":"4:27","description":"The actress discusses her role on the hit TV series. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44667270","title":"Gabrielle Union Talks 'Being Mary Jane'","url":"/GMA/video/gabrielle-union-talks-mary-jane-44667270"}