'General Hospital' 50th Anniversary: Celebrating Show's Big Stars

Katie Couric looks back at the famous faces who appeared on the soap opera.
3:44 | 04/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'General Hospital' 50th Anniversary: Celebrating Show's Big Stars
Test Tex An incredible streak. 50 years, "general hospital" has been appointment viewing for millions of americans. Countless famous faces have appeared on the show, names including kristin davis, rick springfield. Rick springfield. John stamos and even abc's katie couric. To celebrate the anniversary katie took a look back at some of the other big names that appeared on the show. Really found him fascinating. Reporter: In 1982 a 19-year-old got her big break on "general hospital." Sister? Yeah, have you ever seen her? Reporter: Demi moore beat out a thousand other actresses for the role of jackie temple ton. She was yelling for help. You didn't do anything help her? She was a lot of fun. She was a little wacky, very free-spirited and I think it was one of her first jobs. ter: DEMI'S BIGGEST ROLE Before "gh," the lead in the horror film "parasite." And she's not the only famous face who's passed through the hospital doors. Morgan fairchild. I have to vacuum the limo. Reporter: Roseanne barr. And you owe me, big guy. Reporter: Tyne daly. Leonard theme moi before "star trek." George takei after "star trek." Just like we are. Get the gun. Reporter: Luke skywalker himself, mark hamill, even tv legend milton berle. Myself, I can't make it through the day without a martini. Reporter: All checked in here and recently oscar nominee james pancolayed a serial killer with psychotic glee. Can you hear me now? He came in and we threw a lot of materiality him because we only had him for a limited amount of time, so he would shoot episode after episode in one day. Hey, mom. So we gave him quite a workout and he did a great job of playing one of the most bizarre characters we've ever had on the show. Reporter: But the biggest star "gh" cameo came at the height of the luke and laura wedding phenomenon. I wanted to see what kind of man you were. What kind of man that almost fooled my husband. Reporter: Elizabeth taylor was a self-proclaimed super fan who asked the show for a guest stint. Her five episode appearance as the millionaire widow helena cassadine culminated with her casting of curse on luke and laura during their wedding. I curse on you, laura and luke. I curse on the both of you. Reporter: Did you guys become close? You alluded at one point, tony, to sort of a fling, if you will or some kind of relationship? I would call it more tan a fling. It lasted two years. Reporter: Really? Yeah. Wow. We spent a lot of time doing crazy things, regular stuff for people who would say, really, you played pinball with elizabeth taylor? Yeah, and she was terrible. But she had a wonderful time doing it. Wow, demi moore can really flow a punch. Don't let me get cursed by liz taylor. Oh, those eyes. You can see more with the cast of "general hospital," "the real soap dish" with katie couric tonight at 9:00, 8:00 central on abc.

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{"id":18895617,"title":"'General Hospital' 50th Anniversary: Celebrating Show's Big Stars","duration":"3:44","description":"Katie Couric looks back at the famous faces who appeared on the soap opera.","url":"/GMA/video/general-hospital-50th-anniversary-celebrating-shows-big-stars-18895617","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}