All-Female Jury Chosen for George Zimmerman Trial

Dan Abrams discusses how rare it is for lawyers to choose a single-gender jury.
4:21 | 06/21/13

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Transcript for All-Female Jury Chosen for George Zimmerman Trial
Now, to the latest development in the george zimmerman trial. An all-woman jury has been seated to decide the fate of the florida neighborhood watch captain, charged in the shooting death of trayvon martin. And abc's matt gutman has all of the details for us and joins us this morning from miami. Good morning, matt. Reporter: Good morning, robin. 16 months after trayvon martin was shot, this morning, finally, 6 jurors. Their identity is kept strictly secret. We don't know their names. We don't know their ages. We know they're women. And they have key opinions on things like guns and self-defense. The jury of six women, ranging IN RANGE FROM THEIR 20s TO THEIR 60s, BARE THE BURDEN OF DECIDING The most racially-charged trial in a generation. At question, did george zimmerman intentionally shoot and kill trayvon martin, a black teenager? Or as zimmerman argues, did he fire in self-defense? Five of the women are white. The one person who isn't, says she believes in self-defense. I think everybody is entitled to do that in order to protect your life. Reporter: Half the jury has a family member who has a gun or a concealed weapon permit. Having a woman is going to be more favorable for the defense. Reporter: One juror admitted she had visited the zimmerman defense fund website. That strike will remain. Reporter: Experts say the jury may seem slanted in favor for the defense. But looks can be deceiving. Women do tend to have more sympathy, and empathy, for the person perceived as the victim. Reporter: Zimmerman spent much of the last nine days huddling with jury consultants and his lawyers, apparently playing an active role in choosing the women who will now decide his fate. Is this jury panel acceptable to you, sir? Yes, ma'am. Reporter: Now, with the jury nailed down, the rhetoric is heating up. This case will fall on the fact that the state cannot convince a jury beyond a reasonable doubt without their evidence that a crime was committed by my client. Reporter: Now, this seems like a pretty homogenous group. But they represent a broad cross section of america. They could be sequestered up to four weeks on this trial. It starts on monday. And george zimmerman faces possible life imprisonment. We're going to bring in legal affairs anchor, dan abrams. Dan, how unusual for a single-gender jury, in this case, all-women. I've been covering high-profile cases for 20-something years, I haven't seen one in recent history. They have them. I just haven't seen it. It's definitely to have all of the jurors of one gender. I don't buy into the notion, because you have women, therefore it means blank. I don't think that makes sense. This is a diverse group of women. The question is going to be, back in the jury room, when they begin deliberating, does that change the dynamic? I don't know. But there's no question that in this case, prosecutors wanted men of color. The defense white men. Neither got exactly what they were looking for. Since neither got what they were looking for, everyone's trying to read the tea leaves here. Does it favor -- this all-woman jury, does it favor one side of the other? You have to go back and look at the answers. You have a couple who have attorneys as close relatives. A couple who are gun owners. One was arrested. All the different experiences are going to be crucial in them reaching a verdict because we'd love to say it's all about the evidence. It's just going to be about the evidence presented in court. But the reality is, they're going to bring in their personal experiences. And that will determine how they see the evidence. What's the prism through which they look at the evidence? And it's absolutely crucial. Trayvon's parents released a statement overnight, as long as it's fair and unbiased, they want to see the evidence. It starts on monday. What can we expect? Expect to see the defense focus on the legal issues. Meaning to say, they cannot prove that this was not self-defense. Expect the prosecution to say, look at the totality of the circumstances. This couldn't have happened any other way. As matt said, two to four weeks. That's right. Thanks, robin. We're going to turn to the

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{"duration":"4:21","description":"Dan Abrams discusses how rare it is for lawyers to choose a single-gender jury.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19454266","title":"All-Female Jury Chosen for George Zimmerman Trial","url":"/GMA/video/george-zimmerman-trial-trayvon-martin-death-female-jury-19454266"}