GMA LIVE! (6.13.14)

Check out the funniest moments of the week from 'GMA' and 'GMA LIVE!'
9:53 | 06/13/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (6.13.14)
They're so cool. Shell where the Catholic theologian -- next. That's not really he's -- back here. Thinking of the -- You're gonna come up just like that I don't know. -- -- Okay. -- Let's all know what we're doing. I. -- its application yeah. The we have we're so delighted to have you here emergency -- -- here you know very you aren't we do that. Let the -- completely -- a -- up. I think there are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I didn't get that wasn't feeling well -- -- they don't better -- we get overly loyal left -- enough that. Still has been yeah. -- -- -- I was a beautiful and perhaps the bike ride I -- -- I -- I don't usually participate in addition -- just. Thousands of folks in Portland Oregon. Decided to. Well let their hearing out. I don't know where the eleventh annual world naked bike ride this in the protest -- very friendly one at bat he kept from the west bike -- hasn't. Just driving home. The -- -- actually happened more than 75. US cities before it is believed to be the largest record 8000. That's the best way to get the -- yeah yeah well we just barely covering everybody -- look at -- thought yeah yeah yeah. Yes well played Atlanta. Particularly impressive because -- -- could continue still live to new. No I don't -- news -- The competition now also employed -- -- sitting there. Let's they'll stop -- under the hot -- top dog yeah. Yeah that is and that is a top target again yes it was my lead as we have now -- newspaper that it. -- Move over -- across. Cleveland sued the salon styled a shortage of opinions and -- she looks typical top -- -- -- button down at the tide line it -- get caught up. God I'm big companies -- good morning among many retailers selling season in many credit for outlook -- -- talks. We're bringing traffic to the forefront not indicted. I'm getting an indication but Georgian yeah would you consider joining us to consider -- hot summer days. What I silver -- -- the California room you know and held. It's something like this I. Models and J. Crew is short did so what's next thing. And you -- relaxing for many of the ways that where this -- Funny his segment has an -- Out of windows live from Philadelphia here let them then yeah. That's the best out there by the council drizzling on a few people but rather that rain especially -- you you know yes. Yes they raised them upgrades on the -- days of the good luck on the daily today that's -- -- Yes they wanna get there and hearty -- yeah. Traffic took a total -- there -- this is the best man which has been a part of that Henry either article but I think you've asserted that there's of them had her whimsical -- -- like -- Good afternoon and wrote. I don't think that's looking -- meaning meaningful relationship. So that's what I was referring to -- and I are very good to -- and I say I knew where you were don't know. Same way it -- out of the team yeah. I got back I don't Atlanta Rebecca I -- EG MA live without a of the day so how about this one from -- -- in Dorset England she's showing her dog was having. Trouble. So far there in the doorway -- back in the -- In the other room and believe -- that he's obviously not I'm guard -- There is something and why do I have. I'm on my doctor -- afraid of sunglasses. -- that we. Watching the unfamiliar I think we have to realize he. -- -- -- -- -- He's never gotten past yeah fantasies about three -- parade. Let thousands yesterday. Are also on top news that we got this really great pictures from over the weekend. My machine managed news he'd been the picture posted on the Guns 'N Roses -- advocate -- Just don't when it rained it's -- Nicolas Cage hanging out with Andrew dice. -- play but -- what. He didn't Wear whatever talking about looking at first mr. panic how would attempt from the project he had -- -- He's rocking in -- album bringing his. The last week the French -- remember yet if ever there. Well and he's also wearing a wonderfully body rain but perhaps the best -- -- He's wearing a picture of -- -- on the T shirt and I'm Harry of the royal purple blazer. Didn't fashioned conversation he had literally going to -- doesn't include an elderly and he's got a picture -- -- Right -- happy -- my name under their -- just sit there. I have not met a fellow at the NBA finals in full swing a lot of fans are getting into the spirit like Britain -- -- a formidable two foot eleven power forward from the film -- -- -- there is no block. He was watching is at play when he decided to try everything moves but -- Exiled community thank you -- -- -- comedy plays basketball. We'll bounce up -- -- -- management and a mom says he's ready for. He got up. I think what it's. Like he didn't have improved play didn't do good things. I thought thank god. The poetry -- -- good way to pick of ladies yeah. And Colin Slade and all of the -- that left. I would try to yet if I knew that I wasn't OK but I. We love that -- -- and -- museum in Canada -- what -- advertises that it has -- most intriguing collection of celebrity celebrity wax figures. I just say trading of one word for a creative. Some might say -- recognizable. This is definitely -- didn't know that's George Clooney Julia Roberts and -- That business to be Miley. -- -- And then how about this handsome -- -- I think he's going. -- -- Hi -- up to death. Very. Yeah. And I know the moment -- given way to get the faithful. It's just it's remarkable I don't get any -- -- battled back we'll smiles -- Forgiven for thinking that --

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