'GMA' ugly holiday sweater challenge: Who wore it best?

Four contestants modeled their creative sweaters, and "GMA" audience members chose their favorites.
7:09 | 12/13/17

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Transcript for 'GMA' ugly holiday sweater challenge: Who wore it best?
Good so I didn't. This morning wore on and look ugly ultimate ugly holidays weather still down you know what it's kicking off. Right now down this is one of our favorite traditions here GMA we're going tame this year because we're letting you guys do the talking we usually go. All out I was right I kept other integrate actually having a great year last year so you're not afraid here GMA and neither are you clearly we ask you guys to send us your over the top creations. I mean thank you the final four little mammal had dead you know moment the first look take a little look at some marquee. From Alice to bells to snowman and reindeer we received hundreds of ugly holiday sweater submissions from all across the country's. Our first contestants. Steve Steve from Texas he's a wedding planner by day but a serious crash after on the side. He calls his cluttered or even blizzard. It has taken me over eight days and seventy hours to. Obama hails from New York he calls the craft store her second home to many booths and no booze no bulls assistant. First letters all about the North Pole and Santa's workshop. And Sarah who's coming from Florida is always the life of a themed party so I can't diet. An actual cheeks hurt where it's certainly not. She's turning yourself into a Christmas tree so now the moment of truth may be ugly sweater win. Okay. I can't heavy snow appreciate your let's bring about the finalists. She. Is that god. The busy holiday sweater blue. Okay. Thank you aren't yet next up elites know. Today it's I. Gianni from Canada and show. And okay. I can't run Gianni. He's done this before once hey getting while I didn't. It's well I don't it and. Next job had conducted an ugly Saturn thrown. Oh. I love it. That's guy she and that's Sunnis. Announced this morning of their missing letter game. I love it she's a human chain yes I got pregnant W everything. Kids streets during that it but and then finally last apparently now he's Steve. Gets your days. Okay. Okay. Okay. I. Okay. Okay. Yeah. I'm pretty sure and everything's. But in fact says. My county. Hi yeah interview I have done until we have some question what is the. This after the start with the you your sweater. The get a lot of every party. So what does your family think about your creations everybody loved that for the family the friends you know we go to holiday parties Christmas time but I think pictures and it could history. I think the backdrop for every single picture and I'm okay with that everybody thinks there is self. And I want to thank you nine teachers in the Clinton gets under the trees for all I have carried out there and yeah like yeah gotta be going there isn't PLO and made all the other some of CN you can't by the deluge yeah. It is seen Tom fewer. Brady how they got a big fifteen years and hippo 300 bones on this. What's your what's your number one read the forgotten about it we all love to dress up for the holiday's and especially in a year like we've had this year. There's a lot of sadness in the world right now and if I could walk into a party you're walking on the street wearing something crazy like fifth and it puts a smile on somebody's safe. That makes me so happy. You go down as well. TS AI. Would have rolled up in this thing. Hey Dave good cook up our sound bite it you get up polar express. Being part of your costume hopefully your favorite part it's the favorite part is the Chilean courts and that they may not role but the ghosts. Yeah that that's. Mary ankle and did you funny way of describing your look this morning fun really inspired by Project Runway and I think this is very dollar tree although gone. Everything from the dollar tree that basically the dollar tree I love it well it's a beautiful tree right there on the rise of I think we all are ready it right audience it is time for you to cast your vote. Everyone in our audience has it clicker you lost you pick who you think the winner should be. Eight hey Sean but. Being is our wild card audience member did. Yes we. Is there and movie is seat. Everybody click away and we are gonna reveal the winner right. Okay. Had been voted for the winner about ugly sweaters showdown in big plus red head turning technology helping those with the voting with the clicker can now. Good results are ending an open letter of the risk. Live at the time. No it's not. Here the group. And his beautiful Lee archer. And crowd thing. We are well. I have tons of different features colors you can shoes wrung their. And that's all you're also not moment that 400 dollar gift card for years supply of cake shops every New Britain where all courtesy. Okay. You and everybody got into the. Everybody's going home with. I. You're okay.

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{"duration":"7:09","description":"Four contestants modeled their creative sweaters, and \"GMA\" audience members chose their favorites. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51756052","title":"'GMA' ugly holiday sweater challenge: Who wore it best? ","url":"/GMA/video/gma-ugly-holiday-sweater-challenge-wore-best-51756052"}