'The Great Holiday Baking Show' Winner Live

Lauren Katz is joined by judge Johnny Iuzzini as she shares her award-winning cake recipe.
4:02 | 12/22/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The Great Holiday Baking Show' Winner Live
We're counting down to Christmas this horng with the winner of "The great holiday baking show." Awarding winning pastry chef Johnny iuzzini helped crown the baker. One contestant taking sweet victory. The judges have made their decision. And the winner of "The great holiday baking show" is -- Lauren. Oh, my god. Yay. All right, there she is. America's best holiday baker, Lauren, come on out. Come on over here, Lauren. Congratulations. Thank you. Did you have a moment where you thought they were going to put the crown on you and take it off and give it to -- I was actually afraid of that, yes. I'm still waiting for them to take it back from me. No, no, it's not going to happen. Steve Harvey is not going to come and apologize, you're good. Yeah, what was about her that made her stand out. When it comes to competitions it's about consistency, great flavors and just attention to detail. That's what it comes down to in every competition, she was great and thorough in every single -- This was a spumoni cake but what you show us is how to do a slightly simpler version Sans the polka dots. Surprise cake, chocolate cake with buttermilk. Anybody can do it with a box cake mix and my tip is that in the back it says to use water, don't use water, use coffee or use stout beer to cut the sweetness of the cake. You can add some mini chocolate chips to add little bursts of chocolate in there and then when you come to the icing, definitely add a sour element. Using the canned icing, add some cream cheese, add sour cream, add some citrus and almond extract and buttermilk and that will cut all that super sweetness. One of the rookie errors I make all the time, on the rare occasions when I've ever baked I pull it out of the oven and I want to eat it so badly I try to put the frosting on it right away and it makes a mess. Don't do that. You need to chill your cake before you even put the icing on. I hike to throw it in the freezer for like 30 minutes just to get it nice and solid then I get my icing on and goes on very smoothly and then I'm just going to cover it with fondant and cut ribbons using a pastry cutter or pizza wheel at home then you'll attach your ribbons onto the fondant covered cake and made marbleized stars with this and rolled it out into a sheet and have the stars and ready to go on the cake and used a little Crisco and paint the back of the stars and we just pop it on the cake and it'll stick right to the fondant. I think your family would love that for Christmas. Normally George and Lara, we can't get their attention at all. Some reason for this segment they wanted to come over. Funny to run into you here. You will never know this is from a mix. How does it taste. Really good. It's really, really good. It's so moist. Thank you. You know what, guy, thinking about baking and thinking about ways to make things easier, first and foremost, don't skimp on ingredients. You are only as good as your cheapest ingredient. Cooking for friends and family. Get the great butter and great ingredients. On top of that, you know, save some time by make your doughs in advance, scale your ingredients in advance, get prepared the night before so you're not waiting for things to happen. Get on your cake baking game face. Wondering where you were going with that. Make your doughs in advance and thank you very much, Johnny iuzzini -- I've never said that in my life. Appreciate it. Congratulations. Thanks to you. Great cake, we really love it.

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{"duration":"4:02","description":"Lauren Katz is joined by judge Johnny Iuzzini as she shares her award-winning cake recipe. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35904280","title":"'The Great Holiday Baking Show' Winner Live","url":"/GMA/video/great-holiday-baking-show-winner-live-35904280"}