Heidi Klum Pays Her Kids to Finish Healthy Breakfasts

Supermodel says she gives her children $1 if they finish their healthy meals.
3:18 | 05/28/13

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Transcript for Heidi Klum Pays Her Kids to Finish Healthy Breakfasts
How far would you go to get your children to eat healthy food. Heidi klum revealed her way into talking her children into finishing their nutritious breakfasts. She pays them and abc's paula faris has the story. Reporter: Getting your kids to eat a meal can eat away at your patience. Some parents will do anything to get them to take just one bite. Even resort to bribing. Supermodel mom heidi klum doles out the dough reportedly paying her four kids to drink their fruit shoot-out thinks. She says some of my kids don't love it so I decided I would pay themlar if they finish their drink. Klum adds she does make her children save that money but it has some wondering if bribing is the best medicine. Bribe has a lot -- it's got a negative connotation especially with children. If they're picky eaters i think it's a great strategy to focus on the foods that they do like that are healthy for them. And at the same time making it a nonnegotiable they do have to be eating other foods also healthy for them. You're going to eat some chicken? Or not? Pilar clark, mother of two says her son william will eat anything including vegetables, but her 4-year-old daughter winter is another story. A little bit. I don't like it. You haven't tried it yet. We don't bribe with money. Fortunately she's too young with this but mainly sprinkles. She adores sprinkles as in sprinkles in a bowl with a spoon like some people eat soup and usually ipad. If you take a couple bites you can watch it on the ipad. If you eat this, you can have a bowl of sprinkles. Reporter: It has gotten better with age which is why experts say it's important to keep trying. I find it's really good to keep reintroducing foods to children as they grow up as they develop because the taste buds will change. Certain foods I didn't like as a child I like now. It changes. I think as a parent you want to see your children eating the things you know are good for them even if they don't want to. Reporter: And even if it means og the occasional bribe. For "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. Of course you want to know what you think. Is it okay to pay to bribe your kids to eat healthy vote now at goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo!. We are very divided here at the table. I want to be against it but get to the point where whatever works. Right. I say no. It's a nonnegotiable -- this is the food we made. I think we all have stories of spending my mom's rule was you are not getting up until your plate is clean. The colonel wasn't letting you leave. Oh, I hate lima beans. The lima beans story. Different than paying your kids to have good grades? I remember my parents -- is it that different? I do because you're eating every day. You're not paying your kid to do well in school every day. A grade at the end of a quarter or semester. I know I say this until -- I have a problem with it. I would have liked if my parents paid me but -- we shouldn't be paying for anything. From within. Hopefully you all have as many opinions as we do on the topic. We'd love to hear you. Let us know on our website.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"Supermodel says she gives her children $1 if they finish their healthy meals.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19270316","title":"Heidi Klum Pays Her Kids to Finish Healthy Breakfasts","url":"/GMA/video/heidi-klum-children-paid-dollar-finish-healthy-breakfasts-19270316"}