Holiday Fashion for Under $100

Redbook helps you rock the holidays with six festive dresses for bargain prices.
3:00 | 12/10/13

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Transcript for Holiday Fashion for Under $100
'Tis the season to rock the holidays at parties. You may want new looks for each gathering you go to. We have three, new trends to get decked out in. And we're starting the prices at just $25. Here to show us the best of new looks is audrey slater. She's the fashion director of "redbook" magazine, with six models to show us each of the looks. I want to talk about the first trend. This is a color we've seen come and go. Is it back and better than ever. It's ox blood. Or maroon, or burgundy. This season's it color. There's so many dresses in this color. Everyone's going to find one that's right for her. Why do you like this come center. It's easy to wear. And it's easier to pull off than a bright red. I'm trying. You're doing it well. Tell me about these. This is from loft. It's really pretty and girlie. Ann taylor loft? If you could see this up close, it has fine detailing. Yep. So pretty. And she just looks beautiful. And the price? The price is -- I think it's $80. Really affordable. That's beautiful. 98. 98. This is jcpenney. It's a taylor fit. Anna looks amazing. This dress is on sale for under $40 right now. The next look you might want to consider is lace. I just got a little frock in this look. Tell me about these. This trend on the whole. Well, kate middleton is the inspiration for this. She really did rock that lace dress. She loves this look. It's about the blue tones. It's chic. It's elegant. You feel really pretty. And, yes, you can look like a princess for just under $25. The first dress on lauren is from target. It's just an amazing buy. She looks great. And it's really comfortable. Is that at target right now? At target right now. And the second dress, the price is -- that is $78, on sale. It's at ncy wonder stores. And this is a take on the little black dress. This is an lbd upgrade. Black and gold. It's a little more glam. And in terms of accessories, we have carrie wearing a loft dress. And andrea is going more ladylike. I like the rock 'n' roll take on it, audrey. They were fantastic. Check out goodmorningamerica.Com for info on that.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Redbook helps you rock the holidays with six festive dresses for bargain prices. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21160239","title":"Holiday Fashion for Under $100","url":"/GMA/video/holiday-fashion-100-21160239"}