Holiday Gift Guide: Adult Onesies

The one-piece garment is a top-searched gift online this holiday season.
3:51 | 12/15/15

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Transcript for Holiday Gift Guide: Adult Onesies
Christmas is barreling toward us like a freight train and so it our ultimate buyer's guide. One of the most popular thing on it, adult onesies. Nobody better to find out why they're so hot than Becky Worley wearing our lovely cheetah print. Good morning, Becky. Rrr. This is the onesie I think of the season, Lara. And, you know, when Google analyzed fashion trends and their searches for fashion gifts, even they were surprised. This is number one on the list. Why? Well, in a two-hour morning television program I'm not sure we could even get to the bottom of that but, hey let's try. Maybe it started with that pajama family or ralphie in a "Christmas story." But these one pieces for grown-ups are now a thing. Google says searches for adult onesies is trending higher than ugly Christmas sweaters selling at most of the retailers and on sale. These at Macy's marked down from $40 to 19. Target, 25. Also Kohl's and Abercrombie & Fitch who offer those percentage off deals regularly. You want to not get out of bed but still open presents and a onesie is the best way to do it. Reporter: Whether you call them union sleep or footsie pajamas not just for bedtime anymore. Khloe Kardashian is trying to make a fashion out of them. When instagraming, way more instagramable to put yourself in a cute onesie than in a blanket. Reporter: Some of these styles are quite inventive. Rrr. And this one even has built-in paws. I do have to say they are ridiculously comfortable and cozy. Maybe the reason these onesies are so popular is that they take us back to our childhood and this time of year, that could be a really good thing kind of the grown-up way of being in your pa jjamas all the time. Nostalgia. Sillyness. Great deals. $24 the one I'm wearing right now. That's target. We have some of the sort of styles really trending right now. This is really fashionable. Who needs maverick, top gun. Nice, the one piece. Will is modeling this aviator model. Now, you'll notice it has a macho theme to it, pockets for comfortable and a zip from the bottom and zip from the top. You can figure out what that is for. Back to work, will. All right, Ariel has something on that's understated and subtle from one piece. On the back pockets for your wallet and your phone. I mean this is what's -- the kids nowadays are wearing them out and about. I doenn't know that it's the ugly sweater party but they have style. Or yes, thank you. I think that's cute and this is very stylish. Jade is wearing a beautiful onesie and is that sweet or what? Go, jade. Zippers very detail oriented. Remember, you can sleep in this. And then you could throw on a pair of shoes or go to the grocery store. Hopefully a shower. A lot to ask, Lara. Come on. We want to thank all of our onesie wearers including our crew. Amazing, this is what we're here for trying to give people great gift ideas at every price point. These run the gamut. How far to put these on with your whole family.

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{"duration":"3:51","description":"The one-piece garment is a top-searched gift online this holiday season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35773417","title":"Holiday Gift Guide: Adult Onesies ","url":"/GMA/video/holiday-gift-guide-adult-onesies-35773417"}