'Ice Cold Gold': Miners Try to Strike it Rich in Greenland

In Animal Planet's reality series, miners brave rough elements in hopes of striking it rich.
3:00 | 04/02/14

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Transcript for 'Ice Cold Gold': Miners Try to Strike it Rich in Greenland
It is cold. Remote and in hospitable. One of the last frontiers on her but for a few intrepid miners green land. I just be the -- of money -- -- arriving here. -- -- -- -- -- This team of seven miners went to green -- hoping to strike it rich their journey documented on the Animal Planet show ice cold -- Last season their first trip was almost a total bust. But then on the very last day as -- was set in. -- -- -- This is. -- Previously undiscovered area they call the red zone the rock is studded with rubies and other gemstones. -- -- May be worth millions. The second season airing now is all about their effort to make that claim they -- how much -- -- business. For three of the guys screen land is a world away from home. Wasted a century ago was the US frontier wild west of the American gold rush. Nightline caught up Brothers Josh and Jesse Feldman and their pals Zack gators lose their century -- -- An old western who. They even gave me a lesson in mining. Fulfilling a boyhood fantasy your dexterity the audience. Yeah I think you again. -- -- -- -- After we dig up the rock and -- respectable pile of dirt that we have to crush and see if there's any goals it's. Who live in that -- -- the goal line yet. -- -- -- -- -- All of this is nothing compared with the hardships they faced -- plan -- ice cold gold. Compound setting up camp for two months on an uninhabited island to prospect for gold. The closest modern equivalent of a -- it. Year global warming is uncovering deposits of minerals unseen since the ice it down here -- Only god is everywhere -- -- the miners we're not quite prepared for the hardships. Everything you do there is very hard I mean. From all the boat trips and helicopter trips and all I cast it's extremely hard it's always depend on the weather. Creating go from its fifty degrees Fahrenheit in its nice you're -- the -- To what the heck happened -- storm comes and I mean -- your freezing your wondered if you're gonna make it. In Arizona as exit green as the desert compete in the process is the same but the stakes aren't quite -- time. There is gold in them there hills but the easy stuff is long gone. I -- you -- the first daughter who. People are right then and there comes through this updated -- notably an end here not only there. We go. -- -- -- more material group. This -- the accident happened right here into the statement. It's -- the river. -- another trip to Greenland. Green land they tell me is it different proposition altogether talk me through. The red -- the first year we mean we discovered. We immediately knew we had something fantastic. When you land your helicopter. We -- job through the snow. We're wiping the -- -- smaller -- -- where we think. This should be we're following the geology will look at the rock type -- what we we need to see. And in -- And vision -- littered all over the place this is one of the last pristine spot on the planet. That's what we're finally gonna record when it now starts being -- it's now it is the last frontier bring us last frontier but with -- And were all too happy to follow those rules mean they're important. Still for a Green -- -- I mean Arizona is -- challenging. It took me down the old -- -- for a lesson in the delicate art of the chiseled. Before our camera -- at -- all right. I'm. Is that the parallel is not -- -- mine -- -- but after I get my helmet OK Josh tells me weird attacked. -- he copper. Gold can usually can't -- okay. Same thing happened here it's nice pieces -- to be here and that is good hard courts. Courts care Google. You don't swing away like an animal but there is yeah is breaking out. -- there. And is. Okay here's your peace and more. He's got -- Greenland. Yeah -- I got -- its father that are put done your pocket you are now officially a tiger here. Ajinca benefit if I may not have struck it rich like the boys and -- school gold. But I now understand a little better what it means they hit leader. This month that go -- Still some more we're -- to us up. I'm David Wright for Nightline has the mammoth mind. Patchy junction terrorism.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"In Animal Planet's reality series, miners brave rough elements in hopes of striking it rich.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23158628","title":"'Ice Cold Gold': Miners Try to Strike it Rich in Greenland","url":"/GMA/video/ice-cold-gold-miners-strike-rich-greenland-23158628"}