'Insecure' star says she 'collapsed' after President Obama complimented her

The actress said he told her he loved seeing "black women being creative."
4:58 | 07/19/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Insecure' star says she 'collapsed' after President Obama complimented her
Globe knot nominated star of the HBO show that "Time" magazine is calling sharpest comedy of the year. Season one left us with a cliff hanger. Will Issa and her boyfriend get back together after she cheat snd how could you do that? Here's a sneak peek. I compare every dude to Lawrence. That's expected. He probably still hates me. That's fine. He still responds to your text messages, right? It's all bills and apartment stuff. He won't come and pick up his mail. I want us to be cool. I don't want him back. It's okay if you do. You made us -- were we team Lawrence? Team Issa? First of all, congratulations. Very proud of you. All that you have done. You take it from a web series to getting this golden globe nomination but you're still -- you're still that little, just girl at heart. Yeah, I'm still. Awkward and uncomfortable. Being a part of Hollywood and havinging a TV show is amazing. And people always ask me, what's changed? You know. You're recognized everywhere. That's not necessarily the case. I still feel like star-struck everywhere I go. I saw queen latifah. You saw queen latifah. She's like, I'm going to watch your show. It just feels so cool to be here. You know who else said, oh, I watch you. At the white house. Former president brark Barack Obama. Take a look at this. President Obama. I know. I can't. He was saying he watches you. How did it feel that moment? Knowing that he -- First of all to be invited was a big thing. I was like, mom, you're coming with me. She was like, Duh, I am. There was never a question. We got there. It was so beautiful. It was one of the last parties that they threw. We knew he was going to come out and make this speech and try to get -- I was focused on getting my mom to the front. You get to the front. You get your picture. She got to the front. He was shaking everybody answer hands. And, um, I saw her -- I saw him hug her, give her a kiss, and lost mer mind. I was like, she got a little bit of something. There's a space right there. Let me just at least touch him. I like -- made my way to the front. And, I was with my co-star, Yvonne. She was just -- just as excited as I was. He made his way to us, he cease her. He sees me. He tells her, she's having a good year, huh? About me. And then, I was like, you know, obviously shaken. I was like, you know me? You the president, you know me? He was like, I love seeing black women be creative. I love you show. I love your sound track. I can't say any of that until after I'm president because the language is a little colorful. He held my and that entire time. Both of our hands. When he walked away, I collapsed. To my knees. There's something about him. Why do you feel it resonates with so many people of different races, this show? I think we're is a very specific show about two black girls. But it's about friendship. Relationships. It's about -- we really tackle universal things. So, you know, just as -- anybody who watches it has a best friend, anybody has been in a relationship. Everybody has felt insecure or uncomfortable at one point. Everybody feels like they don't visit together at some point in their lifetime. Tell us about season two. That was a cliff hanger you left us with. We did. Season two, just giving as you mentioned, Issa cheated on her boyfriend. Season one was all about her being active the. She made decisions is she regretted. The character cheated. But in real life, they think you did. Men are so angry with me. So many men watch and identify with Jay's character, laurnl, I'm floored. I was like, I didn't write this for you. I'm glad you're watching it. But don't come at me like I cheated on you. So, I'm flattered by the fact that they take these characters so personally. Because you're just so real. We try to tackle real issues. Our writers' room is superdiverse. If you tell a story in the writers' room, it's going to be on TV. Thank you for always thinking of us. We're so incredibly proud of you. Can't way to see what you do next. Thank you so much. Season two of "Insecure" Sunday on HBO.

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{"id":48716077,"title":"'Insecure' star says she 'collapsed' after President Obama complimented her","duration":"4:58","description":"The actress said he told her he loved seeing \"black women being creative.\"","url":"/GMA/video/issa-rae-dishes-season-insecure-48716077","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}