J.K. Simmons: 'Miles' Best Moment Is Receiving Slaps'

"Whiplash" stars Miles Teller & J.K. Simmons talk their new critically acclaimed film on "Popcorn with Peter Travers"
11:11 | 10/24/14

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Transcript for J.K. Simmons: 'Miles' Best Moment Is Receiving Slaps'
Well tuned. And your name and answer. What year are you. First here. You know when. Mr. So we you know I'm looking for players. Mr. We wanted to stop play. Did I ask you start playing again. It's science and why you stopped playing a newer version of an answer was determined to wind up monkey. So I think so we roots. Sir. Double time swing. No double time. Double. I'm too busy. For my check. Hi everybody welcome to popcorn Peter Travers and it's that the show where we tell you what's happening at the movies and happen in right now. It started for me at Sundance in January and it went to two run them out that the new York film festival and finally whiplash. It's for everybody it opened everywhere so you've got to see it because if you don't. You missed two that the best performances you can see here. From my guess miles teller and to Kason. But if you so it was all good so we should and that I guess that's Aaron it was yeah. Perfect thing. So now when people see the movie which they will cuts we just told. Them. They're going to know that you had a student teacher relationship. In point back. You're such a prick. To ma. So hold off thank UP nightmarish version of anybody who's a teacher to me. I guess some people have a perspective on it but its board due diligence. Who is this tell everybody is Terrence lecture that you play this man that called. He's a prick you. He used a great musician and the perfectionist. And and a guy who feels like. His purpose in life is too. Cultivate. Greatness. And to hold greatness out oh. His students and and if that means yanking out a couple of internal organs. Along the way. That's the breaks a major organs Jerome going at all ball there's some excess of organs today. The songs about these hundred years and ten pet it's not sway its weakness leaving your body. So miles is your answer who is this guy. Andrew when you meet him in the beginning at film he's just you know he's. A nice Qaeda UK has trouble there's a girl movie theater he likes but he doesn't have the nerve to you can't. You know because of the confidence hit on her gives the moves with his dad just this regular kid and he's kind of meddling through the lower level jazz program at the school. And not really sure if you want to stick whether or not he sees that he's not as good as the other kids and maybe it's time to. And then got Terrence Fletcher comes in who's the prestigious teachers a guy who just. In a kind of command so much respect from his students and he really is C. You know he's the man and he sees something in me and and injures at a point is life I think he could use a little inspiration he's never had somebody take a cut interest in him. To really push him to become great. Or are to be anything really so that's where you know you see that was really right off the bat in this movie and then it just you know. Evolves beautifully and and and terribly hit at the same time but yeah yeah it's really interesting relationship. And how do you react to JK when you've just they say Damien says cut. And you go off to have cup coughing or something. Was he just then this complete as you. You know real life your eyes and drives an electric car he's. Musical theater guy he's like solidarity. Gags. Yet is not his kidneys periods I was saying exactly and you know those are being told OJ case actually be in the movie. I don't want to give you much way to basically. You know engine room gets a little bit of revenge and I cracked through the sold huge groups. Did you know you. You give you need to do OK yeah. Brutal until you yeah. Are all realizing there stunt men who needs doing all called to. You know boy wonder years you know tackles me on the hardwood stage in public to be fair I think garner it was you know there's just like at two inch fall. From that out of I guess cracking agree you get older dues I don't know it's your brutal it was at least three inches. Yeah. That experiences. To June what did you now you know look this movie that was yes you know what you should do and yet when in the nicest bothers every bullet. You know and growing up Fisher on TV news noticed. You mostly. And plot. Sweden 10 yeah I mean it was just the means to pick it used to be blonde. I think if anything was blocked we did miles just realized. I detected in the photo of me with hair came we showed no guests and show the picture to that he found yet. And we wish to have one where I had to I had Gregg Allman here like like WWW. Pride in the we're talking about but come on. Long gloves here at an immediate passage tank let them in the few that. I was mr. Monti an hour or about the time it started going kind to actually look at pretty lean. And mean. Well no rain no. There's a lot of Academy Award talk about this. And for boat that. Nothing wrong with not well honorable Louis hope for doing news well on me and it's. You know do you think should win you or else. Oh won't doesn't matter because either way. You know it's good for the films give for the film and always there's something churning his perform well couldn't exist without mine he had gates knows that he knows. For a fact so each I was getting into when he sir that was calculated he wins I really liked my house nobody's gonna take it over better Alter it. Sure my buddies that he can get it on the other it's raw ambition very much like the movie you know we see that ambition and we decide how much of our humanity we were going to lose be Kosovo. Handsome leading me to this it's a question in because I usually ask people when and to did you hear. What's sixteen bit satisfied you the most but I would rather that you told me what you think is miles is best moment. In whiplash audit miles would do it. T miles visible without a doubt is is receiving slaps on the yeah yet gets of new material and the epithet. Reduce heat things slapped probably which he's housed I missed an interview yes years ago. There two days ago near filled vessel thing almond blossom my data like reading about whiplash and stuff and it's like Jay Cahill was like we're animals he's such it's laughable little bastard. I. Cup of selling me. It's very combined. Oh indeed it is easy for you it's. You couldn't do it you could watch couldn't wait to do I could gather fewer Connie now I'm going to sure are you sure you've got it. Miles what your favorite moment I like you know his. It's is a small moment I Maggette and all won't quite work out it's a very somber moment most people will miss it because it's. Humans barely there but I look at him and it's Disco. And I sold a lineup that affects our. Once I start job and you get this kind of like. Just give a little thing right there when I'm you know get in your kinda. Trying to figure out what's going on it's just a little like that the reflective he had just look at how about. The talk ball nobody yet moment yeah yeah. Well this show always ends in song. Really yeah. That's will mile has been on before the last time he was unease with say that Woodley and yet they sang shelter in question really I mean I can I was on the ballot don't want to show. All the time about it I'll that you probably seen it twice to let some bright red box and every every week. And it's very. It's easy it still love the red DB the sixers who actually. That softened test anyway I'm sure that when you were hanging help you saying the oh yeah what quote. May be back with nickel back. Tickets a big fan creed and issues but I don't care what your friends that I am here you. Ewing guys and Thomas you could no I was that's famous for you don't you know I got us right here is that it is Paul. When there cat and boom. Can do this guy's as the laws can do. If he's as the horse can do. And do. And viewed as Mikey. And it was it was beautifully done and you got the lowest right he is an advocate and anything else at least five denying he's got on the climbing. And if I had a proper warmup out saying close every door the dining out members Marie goes up again. Heidi and I'm very guides early idol and Lyle. I don't believe you haven't let us in the words to one another. And that's net of whiplash I decide I just don't believe I believe. That there's a tremendous animosity here that you both I think when we start under it was like and I can't meet human. You but that was from the last via via our you've got the truth here. Miles TK yeah. Thank you for being here yet and you.

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