Joan Rivers in Hospital After Cardiac Arrest

Comedy legend's daughter, Melissa, asks "that you continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers."
3:41 | 08/29/14

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Transcript for Joan Rivers in Hospital After Cardiac Arrest
Now to Joan rivers. The comedy icon rushed to a hospital here in New York City on Thursday after she reportedly stopped breathing during a procedure on her vocal chords. This morning her daughter Melissa is asking for prayers and ABC's linsey Davis is in Mt. Sinai hospital with the latest. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning, Lara. Joan rivers remains here at Mt. Sinai hospital this morning. She is said to be resting comfortably. This morning, legendary comedian and television icon Joan rivers remains in the hospital. Authorities tell ABC news rivers was rushed to Mt. Sinai hospital in New York City after going into cardiac arrest at a new York medical clinic. TMZ reporting rivers was having a procedure involving her vocal chords at the clinic. Just hours earlier the Emmy winning Tony nominated star had entertained crowds at a Manhattan r.eate audience members telling ABC news, she was as vibrant as ever. Rivers' daughter Melissa seen here at L.A.X. Rushing to catch a flight to be by her mother's side. We're all praying for your mother, Melissa. Thank you. Reporter: Upon her arrival in New York Melissa released this statement "I want to thank everyone for the overwhelming love and support for my mother. She is resting comfortably and is with our family. We ask that you continue to keep her in your thoughts and pray prayers." The 81-year-old rivers had been busy at work this week. Welcome back to "The fashion police VMA and Emmy awards special." Reporter: Here on her show "Fashion police" recapping looks with her famously colorful commentary. Lance Armstrong, if you are watching, this is how you rock a onesie. Reporter: Rivers made the round to promote "Diary of a mad diva" debuted at number 7 on the New York New York best-seller's list and had no plans of slowing down with 26 appearances scheduled between now and November 22nd. A woman with endless energy and drive as she told David Muir in 2009. If you don't do what you want to do, you're a fool. Reporter: Rivers was expected to perform her comedy routine tonight in New Jersey. That has, of course, been postponed. During her act Wednesday night she even joked about her mortality living up to her promise that she would never retire. Lara? All right, linsey, thank you. More insight from ABC's Dr. Jen Ashton. Good morning, Jen. A lot of people are wondering how does something like this happen during a routine procedure? Well, specifically we have to remember that Joan rivers is an incredible example of vitality and anti-aging and longevity. However, in general whenever you have someone undergoing a procedure on their throat, their upper airway there is sedation and anesthesia involved then you take a patient in their 80s, there are absolutely risk, most of those risks are related to the anesthesia process but you can have a low oxygen situation which then can compromise brain function, breathing function and cardiac or heart function. Yeah, lots of concerns. Given the severe weather, the possibilities, is it typical to have this kind of surgery at a medical center versus a hospital? Absolutely. Theseurgery centers are outpatient facilities commonplace today staffed with board certified anesthesiologists but make no mistake about it when you have an 80-year-old patient on the table they can act their age very quickly and those an the anesthesiologists need to be able to respond to an emergency. All right, Dr. Jennifer Ashton, we thank you and all of us wishing Joan the very best. ING for Joan rivers, a great friend to "Good morning America" and ABC news. The severe weather this morning, of course, flooding and

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{"id":25172720,"title":"Joan Rivers in Hospital After Cardiac Arrest","duration":"3:41","description":"Comedy legend's daughter, Melissa, asks \"that you continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers.\"","url":"/GMA/video/joan-rivers-hospital-cardiac-arrest-25172720","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}