Joan Rivers Reveals Her Favorite People to Ridicule

Longtime comedian prefaces twelfth book 'Diary of a Mad Diva' with disclaimer
3:00 | 08/28/14

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Transcript for Joan Rivers Reveals Her Favorite People to Ridicule
High and staring means for ABC news in Yahoo! News. This is newsmakers with comedian actress author at the legend Joan Rivers. -- you have written so many books. And you start this one right away with a disclaimer and it says this rivers believes that anyone who takes anything in this book seriously -- -- -- And -- instructions to call your lawyer and you also treated that recently. This is not new to poke fun do you really think that -- -- poking fun -- self. Outlook no -- -- we've already had Kristen Stewart came out and wanted the book -- Pulled from. The the bookstores are completely traction and sent to anyone read to honor and it's a joke that whole book is silly. And she was very serious but I have to can I get my dummy. I am looking forward to going to. -- with Christians do it. Because I -- Ken doll. I plan in court to have shown on the -- -- Wish she did or did not touch her. To act. Had McCain -- leads a decision our crop isn't Michael at Pratt and analysts say please. Show is -- -- it underwrote. On the -- and what you did or did not touch. His -- them it's did you catch -- hands. Did you catch stomach. Did. Did you touch that -- yes I did. You are right when you become a joke -- -- thrilled I was thrilled that we go to collect. And there are some more colorful things in there at all -- I would come out you would think the current tagged -- you think we've been waiting for me in the dark color. Fever person go to you can make any joke about right now. -- -- -- Pena the only what was on Asia vehemently. Can be -- blushing bride is in his last of course -- face and there's no way. That they're great they're one -- of that they know it and they know that the more junction -- rats and the more than in the public. It's all part of the game. -- you said somewhere beautifully that if you're not laughing at life where people are not dealing with it. So do you take the time to explain that last CB when people say why did you say are you -- just get over it. So anyway there has to stop me and say. Why did you say that they you know. We wouldn't be friends. Is so -- -- -- its. If you don't get that by electing somebody tell me. And we -- -- is small vacation some great -- beautiful love that -- you have to -- his own small vacation. Now some -- people in person what's the most awkward run in you've had with someone -- -- -- -- Jessica Parker who I -- really light she's one of them aggregated news. Lovely and we just had something on fashion police about -- -- -- horse and how many children do you have. That -- and then meet at a party and she's so adorable and dear lovely sweet and you feel awful. Do you because it comes from it from your description of your jokes it comes from a good place -- -- you know silly yet I'm always -- but. Of my own -- always -- first Tuesday. My wedding and I you know. My husband it's so and so this is me and I was buying what the packing the beach of -- -- -- -- You know I I picture above my breasts and an honor on on the so. I'm making fun of everything just make fun of it down. Well as use do you do you know we said to one for you to for -- let you -- -- yourself about everything from plastic surgery health problems. Your marriage -- -- Everything everything. Does that come from a sense of confidence -- confidence. When -- almost like you're still came comfortable that you can all of it not OK -- kind of -- -- any. -- -- -- I went at a cost of the easier it -- and I sit down to the -- the just don't you buy them back -- old. I look at my mother's old Jewish friends I wanted to claim my shock I mean it just tap out I'm -- happy except I married -- couple. At a book signing. And we had to get flowers we got flowers and we got. We get it ends up being borrowed today about -- ring. And we use of the old listening -- -- old and my legs and we allegedly so is -- -- happened impromptu news callous about it they. This I was at a book signing and his hand goes up and they said we read in the book which is true that you. Married to -- friends I say yes they set out an ordained minister. And act which you can anybody should be you know you can -- -- Akron -- your service dog he isn't news it's. Getting that human. And I married -- raises legitimate says so you Mann -- it absolutely can launch stage. And they came up and we married him it was great. -- you weren't huge pioneering -- you get this all the time in the world of comedy. As a late night host used you -- you blazed the way but no one followed like why do we not have female comedians in that scene right now because. Out it's not about male and female nobody wants to listen it's -- that can they do they job and emitted a very strong woman comes along. That can do the job should get it no -- then. Good enough yes. As a woman to take over a late night yeah. I -- -- Jimmy Fallon five years and I say no question. Bingo you know right away and is seen anybody that can handle -- -- I don't know the job means late night. But I've never seen a -- it has Ellen. Too -- too nice to -- off can't do it. All the daytime when it. You can't see Warner go in tonight when I think a lot of the late night ones are could play late night are probably too late night yes -- -- -- back it's -- you need someone that the pendulum in the middle in -- -- -- and it's -- it's a very hard job. Johnny Carson he's a genius. How we handle it. She instantly get. Nobody like piece of velvet he -- action.

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{"id":24404139,"title":"Joan Rivers Reveals Her Favorite People to Ridicule","duration":"3:00","description":"Longtime comedian prefaces twelfth book 'Diary of a Mad Diva' with disclaimer","url":"/GMA/video/joan-rivers-reveals-favorite-people-ridicule-24404139","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}