John O'Hurley discusses his role in the new film 'Swing Away'

The actor opens up about the new film and how Donald Trump inspired his character.
2:51 | 10/13/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for John O'Hurley discusses his role in the new film 'Swing Away'
He is now starring in "Swing away" about a pro golfer. You play the greedy developer. Voila. Let's take a look. I'm selling this property to those two gentlemen there and they're going to build a five-star golf resort. You're selling? Sir, you just bought it. Club med. Hotel, resort. Even a waterpark and maybe you could find yourself a job flipping burgers at one of the many convenient poolside cafes. Fun to play the villening. It is fun to play the villain. Not only did I get to play it, I got to sculpt it. This character I helped to box in. I've been working on this film for seven years. It was -- it's a slow crawl to success, I'll tell you. Yeah, but it was a fun character and I kind of, you know, channeled at the time Donald Trump was -- I was going to say. Donald Trump, well, and I took not the president but the developer Donald Trump as kind of the model for this character. And but then I took him to another extreme. I made him absolutely irredeemable and I play him for everything that he's got a heart of stone. And I make no apologies. President trump quite the golfer. How about you. He is -- well, we played together many times together at the celebrity golf championships up there in tahoe. He's quite a good golfer. Quite a good golfer and a long golfer. 'A long golf ball. I tell you. He's really good but we played many times. It's been fun. Wonderful to be in Greece. This was your first time. My first time and, of course, your heritage. It was -- and Greece was what's the word, Greece was bafo. We don't use that word enough anymore. Do we. No, it was wonderful. I was so impressed with Greece and anyone in the sound of my voice I want them to put this on your bucket list. You must visit Greece at one point in your lifetime. It is one of the most -- He's right about that. -- Magical places in the world and I'll tell you the joy of this was infusing into the Greek culture. I bet that was fun. You know yourself and I'm going to tell you something you know discuss because you are Greek. The Greek people are proud to be Greek when they wake up in the morning at 6:00 A.M. They are proud to be Greek all day long. And they never let you forget? And proud to be Greek when they go to bed at 4:00 in the morning. Oh, my good this is. What I'm proud of this was produced by George Stephanopoulos. George Stephanopoulos. Not me, my cousin right there. My first cousin. And that's the other thing you learn when you go to Greece, every man is named George Stephanopoulos. John, thanks for coming in today. "Swing away" in theaters now.

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{"id":50452629,"title":"John O'Hurley discusses his role in the new film 'Swing Away' ","duration":"2:51","description":"The actor opens up about the new film and how Donald Trump inspired his character. ","url":"/GMA/video/john-ohurley-discusses-role-film-swing-50452629","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}