John Stamos on Being a Playboy in 'My Man Is a Loser'

The "Full House" heartthrob gives relationship advice in a game of "What Would John Stamos Do?"
4:38 | 07/21/14

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Transcript for John Stamos on Being a Playboy in 'My Man Is a Loser'
Hi, everybody. This man has been a heartthrob. You see it, says it right there. Heartthrob for over three decades, the dashing John Stamos, now playing a playboy with a heart of gold in a new movie called "My man is a loser". Big stretch for me. Here's a clip. Everything I do when it comes to women is about connection. You understand? You, my boys, have lost your ability to connect with your wives. I can't connect to cable. I hate my life. I'm going to bring back everything you lost. My manhood? No, being spontaneous. John Stamos, lots of people have questions. You have a lot of advice on dating. In the film, some of it works, but a lot does not. Care to explain? You know what I liked about this film, I play a single guy dating and stuff, not me in real life, and I have two married friends, and they sort of lost their thing, that thing, yeah. They come to me for advice. I'm not taking my friends to Vegas to have sex with strippers or something, I believe in the institution of marriage, and try to help them strengthen their marriage, put energy into it, pay attention to their wives. I give great advice, don't take it myself. And yet your character is -- My character. You know, a character like that -- this is my ride -- He'll be done in a minute. A character like that can get caught up in, you know -- all my friends -- sorry, all Mike's friends want to live vicariously through him. And you feel a responsibility to be dating and having fun to fulfill your friend's fantasies, but you have to take care of yourself. In the course of the movie, he realizes there's love in front of him, and all his advice he should be taking himself. It's nice. How close to home does this hit? Too close. You do learn. It's very tricky. There's a moment in life where you have to jump from one Lilly pad to the next. And, you know, I think, you know, fear gets you as you get older and stuff. But, you know, the main thing is, you know, I do, and the character does believe in the institution of marriage. I have been on both sides, having a partner, having that person that you love, your teammate, is better than being single and going out and dating a lot of girls. Not that much better, but it is better. All right. So a couple 6 questiof questions. Yes. Dave just got married, congratulations to your pal. Whole gang was there? Yeah, a good half of us, Andrea, stole my camera, and took selfies and weird pictures. It was beautiful. It was in Montana. I think we saw the pictures. And you saw the guys together at "Good morning America" in January. And you and bob were giving him good heat about his upcoming up in -- up in chuls. And the beach boys, music is still a big part of your life? Yeah, and I'm in development to do a movie about their story, a teenager's love story weaving their music into the love story. Something great happened to me the other day, I never publicize this. But bring up people on stage during Barbara Ann, and he was watches the whole show, knew every word, and I said of the girls, I said you, come up. He came up and sang, and wrote this beautiful letter about how he forget that he was a quad pa liegic, felt like a rock star at that moment. It was the greatest night of his life. When those things happen, makes it worth it. Yeah, the gift of music, giving back. So awesome. So inspiration mall. He said for that moment, I forgot I was in a wheelchair. It takes too much energy to be sad and depressed and complain. Two masters degree, a brilliant speaker. He took four days to respond because he typed everything with one. I'm not bragging. You're not bragging, those are the stories, the gift of the music and also the little gifts that you can give. And giving us one in the new movie, and by visiting us. I love it. The best. And the film is called "My man is a loser." So not. But the film is great, opens in theaters and on demand on Friday. Thank you so much for being here

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{"id":24645252,"title":"John Stamos on Being a Playboy in 'My Man Is a Loser'","duration":"4:38","description":"The \"Full House\" heartthrob gives relationship advice in a game of \"What Would John Stamos Do?\"","url":"/GMA/video/john-stamos-interview-2014-actor-playboy-man-loser-24645252","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}