Women Go Under the Knife for Kate Middleton's Look

Picture-perfect Duchess Kate inspires women to make over their noses.
2:49 | 01/31/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Women Go Under the Knife for Kate Middleton's Look
we're going to talk about the new trend in plastic surgery, inspired by kate middleton, of all people. People are asking to copy one future of her frequently-photographed face. It's her nose. We teased it. Reporter: It is her nose. Shocking story, though. Nose jobs are nothing new. They were the second-most copied procedure in 2011. What is new is the specific request doctors are getting from people about to go under the knife. They want their nose, yes, to look like kate's. Women have tried to duplicate just about everything of kate middleton. Her hair style. Her wedding dress. Her engagement comes in maternity sizes now. But the obsession with the duchess of cambridge isn't just a fashion frenzy anymore. Now, people want her nose. Like, that's what I want. I want my nose to be like that. Reporter:21-year-old jessica, felt her nose was too big for her face. And she hated the way the tip dropped when she smiled. After the royal wedding, jessica brought a picture of kate middleton to her doctor's office. And paid $12,000 to change her nose from this, to this. I'm very thrilled. Her nose is what I modeled with. That's what I got. It was a process. But it was worth it. Jessica's nose looks a lot like kate's now. One british cosmetic surgery says kate's nose was the most requested procedure they came across. Kate middleton's nose is the stale they like. People call her by name? They have her picture. Reporter: This is what they find so ideal about her nose. It has a strong, defined tip. A gentle feminine swoop on the bridge. And is perfectly in proportion to her face. It's strong. It's a woman's nose. It's not overdone. And I don't think kate has a nose job. I think she was blessed with good genes. A hair cut or a sense of style is one thing. But at this rate, who knows what people will try to duplicate next. Who knows? In britain, there's stories of women taking out loans to cover the cost of getting a nose that looks like kate. For those who become so obsessed with the duchess, will they want her eyes? Her cheeks? Her husband. Of course. I want to pass along, nose job the second-most popular. The first is breast augmentation. Oh. No shocker there. Inquiring minds. People wanted to know. Thank you, linsey. Going to go from people who

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"Picture-perfect Duchess Kate inspires women to make over their noses.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18364394","title":"Women Go Under the Knife for Kate Middleton's Look","url":"/GMA/video/kate-middleton-nose-job-women-plastic-surgery-duchess-18364394"}