Men of 'Full House' Reunite Before Super Bowl Ad Debut

Bob Saget, John Stamos and Dave Coulier come together to celebrate.
3:00 | 01/29/14

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Transcript for Men of 'Full House' Reunite Before Super Bowl Ad Debut
It's been quite a morning on "Good morning America" but really it all comes down to this, guys. Are you ready? We call this "Full house" fumble. We're putting all three of the men to the test to see how much you remember about the ins and outs of "Full house." If you think you know the answer you have the buzzer. I remember the check stubs. I haven't seen the show -- Which I think there are still hearty -- okay, so everybody's buzzer is working. Ginger will be keeping score. The girls in gray as we call ourselves. The "Gma" girls in gray. Are these fifty shades of grey. No, two shades of gray. Rihanna. And we begin. Question number one, when Jesse and joey radio hosts what was it called? Hush hour renegades. Rihanna. One for Dave. That's why I hold my -- What was Michelle favorite bedtime song that -- I love Rihanna. Teddy bear. "Teddy bear." I don't know. Led zeppelin. No, is Dave coulier right? "Teddy bear." Two for Dave. Coulier. Watch "Fallon" tonight if you want to see "Teddy bear." How could you tell young mary-kate and Ashley apart? Their eyes were different. Sharpie marks -- They were numbered. I guess. I don't remember. What is the real answer, Dave coulier? Their eyes were different. I still can't -- It's a freckle. Ah. I'm sorry. Nobody got that one. It's nice that they had writing on their faces. Does this bring a cow to the set? Sometimes. Which girl once moved into the bathroom? Rihanna. Dave coulier. Ah -- Bob saget gets it. What was the -- Stephanie did, by the way. What was unique about Danny tanner's letter to Annette Funicello? He use -- He admitted he was a woman. 30 seconds on the clock. What's the truth. Thank you all for really focusing. What is the name of Danny's beloved car and who totaled it? Bullet and my daughter drove it through the window in the kitchen. Bullet is correct. Saget is on the board. What is uncle Jesse's real name? Rihanna. No, I know his real name. Jesse cook wrap. John Stamos. What is it? Haim -- Hermes. Hermes? Nobody gets a point. Finally what song did Danny want to sing at d.j.'s school? "My girl." "My generation." "My generation." Stamos on the board. There you go. Okay. Well, it was -- it wasn't, you know, a very huge competition. I came out of the gate early. To bob saget, everybody. Ah, the winner on "Full house." We tied. We love you guys. Check out their super bowl commercial, movies,

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{"id":22280264,"title":"Men of 'Full House' Reunite Before Super Bowl Ad Debut","duration":"3:00","description":"Bob Saget, John Stamos and Dave Coulier come together to celebrate.","url":"/GMA/video/men-full-house-reunite-super-bowl-ad-debut-22280264","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}