Meryl Davis on 'Dancing With The Stars' Premiere

The Olympian and season 18 champion gives her take on the celebrity standouts from the season premiere.
2:25 | 09/16/14

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Transcript for Meryl Davis on 'Dancing With The Stars' Premiere
Next up on the heat index, the premier of "Dancing with the stars." The new season off to a hot start last night. We have been talking about it, former fresh prince star, Alfonso, stole the show. The incredible jive wowing the judges, earning top scores of the night. Nines across the board. And Sadie Robertson was really good. That's a surprise. Her papa was there, from duck dynas dynasty, he was there, so proud. And pro partner mark Ballas there, her chacha got the second highest of the night. And Meryl Davis is here. Didn't I see you there? I was there ten hours ago. It was a quick trip. But I'm wide awake and happy to be here. Max and your other partner, Charlie. Was it weird to be on the sidelines? It was weird. I much prefer dancing. It's weird sitting and seeing other people experiencinghings and having energy and having fun and watch. But it was -- it was a great night. I think it's going to be a great season and I'm excited to see how all the contestants progress. Great night for Alfonso. Agree with the judges he was the star? I was blown away. He definitely hit the ground run. Just from the second he started the dance, he had total control of the room. And I was blown away. That's sort of the thing, too, taking control. Isn't it a lot about confidence? Yeah, the confidence, the energy, and you could tell he didn't have a care in the world. I think he was having so much fun. You know, the second he hit that opening pose, I think he was so ready to give the audience a show. And we all enjoyed it. You know who else did? Tommy Chong, the better half of cheech and Chong. He was really remarkable last night. I think one of the great things about last night, a lot of surprises. I wasn't expecting anything beyond entertainment value from him, but the dancing was pretty good. It was so fitting to start the season like that. That it was just a blast. And we'll find out who goes home tonight. I know, a quick turn around. One day. But it's going to be a good season. Great having you here. And you will be with us from time to time. We appreciate that very much. And so which couple will be the first to go? Find out, dancing with the stars results show, and the booted couple will be with us tomorrow morning.

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{"duration":"2:25","description":"The Olympian and season 18 champion gives her take on the celebrity standouts from the season premiere.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25533099","title":"Meryl Davis on 'Dancing With The Stars' Premiere","url":"/GMA/video/meryl-davis-dancing-stars-premiere-25533099"}