What Movie Was DiCaprio 'Really Obsessed' with Making?

Leonardo DiCaprio discusses his latest collaboration with Martin Scorsese.
3:00 | 12/24/13

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Transcript for What Movie Was DiCaprio 'Really Obsessed' with Making?
And "the wolf of wall street" hasn't hit theaters yet. But it's napped two golden globe nominations. I recently sat down with star, leonardo DiCaprio, about playing a crooked wall streeters during THE '90s HEYDAY. 26,000 for one dinner. This can be explained. We had clients. The pfizer clients. The porter house. The champagne. We had to buy champagne. And tell them about the sides. The sides. 26,000 worth of sides? What are these sides? Do they cure cancer? We're so happy to have leonardo DiCaprio with us. Good morning. Good morning. Thank you for having me. It's great to have you here. What can you tell me about jordan belfort? I picked up this book, seven years now. And I was fascinated of this man's account of his time on wall street. He was so candid and honest and unflinching. These incredibly embarrassing stories where he became incredibly self-indulgent. Consumed a lot of drugs. Was with a lot of women. And became consumed by greed. Ultimately, I felt he represented, you know, something about our culture. Right. You know? And soon after the crash of 2008, I became really obsessed with making this movie. Directed by martin scorsese. What is it with you two? I feel incredibly lucky to work with someone that I see as one of the great directors of our time, as one of the great artists of our time. He keeps challenging me and pushing me. It's fantastic. To be on a set where you're made to be just horribly decade decadent. Was it a good time shooting it? It was a good time. I don't think marty ever had a better time making a movie, to tell you the truth. But kind of a disgusting world he lives in, on a personal level. I wouldn't want to do a lot of this stuff. But when you have no moral compass and there's no one you really need to answer you to, it frees you up as an actor. I do love shoes. I wonder if ye doing ankle weights or something? I sprained my ankle. Nothing serious. It's not a fashion statement or a tracking device? No tracking devices. No tracking devices. Movie's not out. Two golden globe nominations. Is that kind of heady? For me, it's incredible because -- it was a miracle this movie got made. I'm really proud we got the film made and people are acknowledging it in some sort of capacity. That's cool. It sounds decadent. It's outrageous. It's outrageous. Get ready. "The wolf of wall street" hits theaters nationwide christmas day. leonardo DiCaprio. Happy new year. Happy holidays. To you, too. Mazal tov.

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{"id":21322219,"title":"What Movie Was DiCaprio 'Really Obsessed' with Making?","duration":"3:00","description":"Leonardo DiCaprio discusses his latest collaboration with Martin Scorsese.","url":"/GMA/video/movie-dicaprio-obsessed-making-21322219","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}