Movie Trailer Voice Gives Cinematic Spin to Ordinary Actions

Jon Bailey and Andy Signore discuss making their hilarious movie trailer prank videos.
4:58 | 09/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Movie Trailer Voice Gives Cinematic Spin to Ordinary Actions
-- day this is this was as -- what it's from the folks at honest trailers it's cool digital series. That dubs satirical voice overs just -- popular movie trailers but well actually the show this 11 they recently did this one -- -- three -- Tony -- is regular man. Iron Man three. Prepare for an Iron Man movie with hardly any -- minute and no AC DC either. Wow yeah out. The -- but a B movie trailer voice everybody should have a body -- their life. Like John -- voice over artist of course god can drop down. The tide of the war I have no doubt that. Hello thank you can but then here we take a look. They he -- -- buddy they get together and they do but you ever wondered what it -- what your life would sound like if a movie trailer guy was. Along and -- for the Rothenberg the now you regret it. Since then Jessica Alba are bound for a night on the town. They're buying things for themselves that they really don't they -- and now they're trying to run away from a guy in the suit. Like ONG -- rated PG. I have making it -- way too much -- That guy in the black church and that god in the blue shirt and now they're about to lose their signal because action gets a new -- -- I gotta go -- is because there are -- not a problem we have not. One but two we have -- the voice Bailey -- is joining us via Skype I'd done my job and we also have. -- NBC could and -- yard he's the creator of honest trailers these are. -- we are really attempting something very techno now bundles and -- to separate Skype so they can't actually. Talk to each other and his wife and they'll be it hair in the time space continue and then John Bailey will have to voice that movie and that's a really bad movie but AMP -- -- you. -- idea especially when you guys get out there would do with the regular folks went to come up with. Both those areas. Surely has been around for a while some popular routes and as the yankees' channel and we decided we also calibrate our comments so we wanted to trying to cross streams and they -- -- You can -- boys we had and are paying for awhile but -- in Tennessee -- in Los Angeles. We finally met her comic con to make it happen and it was. Boston from there come. Con is just the -- that gives and gives and gives these are the beautiful street to San Diego. Let's downtown -- a job and beautiful voice but he we showed -- we showed a couple of them. Watching the whole thing you -- getting you got more responses from some other folks who got to realize what was happening what was what are some of the responses you were getting. Mostly it was just are you talking about me good or are you the -- from -- treatments. How with -- into that and you know how what sort only what sort of work party do it because that's. You know engage in the end zone and pigs it's to it's so can you can you didn't do whereas. Do you Eric eating a pizza burger hang on hang on solera start eating the pizza burger -- I I don't know right now because it's TV it's like a job. Yet here she says her -- gear ready to -- shot her -- Sandra. World where the news never sleeps two heroes will rise way too -- to break this story about a pizza burger. While people behind -- stand with no cheers starring Lara Spencer and Josh really it's no get ready for the people on the West Coast or -- not. Good Morning America. -- got a lot of yeah thank -- god is also. That is -- bought any before we let you go what's next. We -- well. We're definitely or leave the I think a million -- already demands equal humanity trilogy that's at least we'll see -- -- There's always coming out on our history -- he channels. He posted and he -- -- the. I spoke to the one they had -- you know pre equals don't pretend like you have this other idea before just keep pushing forward and the always -- formula based. Nod -- and an -- but the actually yes actually yes I do is like look who's talking twelve that'll be great baby John. Doing a voice or his own life as a baby that's terrific guys. You know a lot of I don't -- all right our over caffeinated I got a pizza burger NB job Bailey's describing my life like I've always. Thought it would sound like if John Daly was describe in my life -- his movie trailer voice guy boys. That's fantastic you guys are awesome thank you for joining yes thank you so much to Bob and -- are.

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{"id":20164727,"title":"Movie Trailer Voice Gives Cinematic Spin to Ordinary Actions ","duration":"4:58","description":"Jon Bailey and Andy Signore discuss making their hilarious movie trailer prank videos.","url":"/GMA/video/movie-trailer-voice-cinematic-spin-ordinary-actions-20164727","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}