Mylan CEO Faces Congress on EpiPen Pricing

Heather Bresch will also face questions about the role her mother, the former head of a national education group, may have played in getting EpiPens into more schools.
2:02 | 09/21/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mylan CEO Faces Congress on EpiPen Pricing
New outrage over at the pens. Mile and CEO on the hot seat today facing tough questions from congress. Over whether her mom was improperly promoting the product and she's mayor Bruce's on Capitol Hill with the story good morning Mary. Good morning George a mile and CEO it already being slammed for skyrocketing prices criticized for her fat paycheck. And now are learning more about the role her family may have played in the lucrative growth of this life saving shot. This morning embattled mylan pharmaceuticals CEO Heather brash facing new questions about the role her mother played in promoting her company's blockbuster product you should always Q2 that the digital projectors wherever you violence already under fire for raising the price of the lifesaving treatment used by severe allergy sufferers from 100 dollars in 2009. To more than 600 dollars today the last thing. That we would ever want is no one to have there at the Penn due to price. And now USA today reporting Russia's mother Gail mansion the former head of the powerful national education group led president an effort encouraging states to require schools purchase products like epi pen a campaign that reportedly drove the devices to become staples in schools. The drugmaker now pushing back saying in a statement that the report is factually inaccurate and that hundreds of thousands of epi pens were donated with no restrictions. But at least one state New York speaking. Investigation into myelin school contracts for alleged anti competitive business practices. Branches family ties have already been called into question her father is west Virginia's senator Joseph mansion. We caught up with him recently and satisfied with violence response to the average or at the conference and but he declined to answer our questions and I'm happy to speak about that later. And senator Manchin is not commenting directly on his wife's role meanwhile his daughter will being grilled by lawmakers here today Heather breast is expected to be on apologetic and ears and her defense of the company. And her salary George Bush he will come under fire him or thanks very much.

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{"duration":"2:02","description":"Heather Bresch will also face questions about the role her mother, the former head of a national education group, may have played in getting EpiPens into more schools.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42242095","title":"Mylan CEO Faces Congress on EpiPen Pricing","url":"/GMA/video/mylan-ceo-faces-congress-epipen-pricing-42242095"}