NASA Rocket Explosion Sparks Investigation

The failed mission cost NASA $200 million and raised questions about the country's move to commercialize space travel.
1:56 | 10/30/14

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Transcript for NASA Rocket Explosion Sparks Investigation
Now to the rocket launch that ended in a massive fire ball. The $200 million mission up in flames and raising questions about the future of space travel for both the government and private citizens. ABC David Kerley is on Wahl lops island with more. Reporter: Good morning. No answers so far on what caused the huge rocket explosion. But emphasizes questions about the commercial cargo into space. Questions raised by a nasa advisory panel earlier this year. And we have liftoff. Reporter: It was just 11 seconds after liftoff that the rocket started breaking apart, falling back and Earth and exploding in a large fire ball. A $200 million loss, and millions more in damage to one of the few launch pads in the U.S. Raising questions about the country's move from government-funded space travel to commercial companies taking us into space. Are you guys up to the task? This isn't a comment on commercialization. It's a comment on rocketing. And launching rockets is a high-energy endeavor. Reporter: A risky business, but hasn't stopped CEOs from reaching to the stars. Richard Branson wants to carry people to space. I can't wait for our first day of commercial operations here. Reporter: He signed up some of the biggest names in Hollywood to be space fliers, Ashton Kutcher, Leonardo D Dicaprio, and even brad and Angelina are signed up. But are they reconsidering that? Any time you have high power, it's high risk. Reporter: Insufficient funding for nasa oversight of commercial cargo being carried into space actually risks failure. We move on to Amy with the

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{"duration":"1:56","description":"The failed mission cost NASA $200 million and raised questions about the country's move to commercialize space travel.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26567007","title":"NASA Rocket Explosion Sparks Investigation","url":"/GMA/video/nasa-rocket-explosion-sparks-investigation-26567007"}