Former Navy Seal Sniper Murdered on Texas Gun Range

Reena Ninan, Martha Raddatz report the latest details in military man's death.
4:05 | 02/03/13

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Transcript for Former Navy Seal Sniper Murdered on Texas Gun Range
we start with the breaking news overnight. An ex-navy s.E.A.L. Murdered at a gun range in texas. Allegedly by a troubled former marine. This comes in the middle of america's debate over gun control. And rising concerns about troops returning home with ptsd and reena ninan is on the story. Good morning to you. Reporter: Dan, good morning. He was 38 years old and this morning his colleagues are stunned that the man who is self-labeled as the most lethal sniper in u.S. Military history was gunned down in texas. He was the man dubbed as america's deadliest sniper. A member of navy team s.E.A.L.3 shooting targets the length of 21 football fields away. Chris kyle who served four combat deployments and earned seven medals of bravery. Shot at a texas gun range along with his neighbor. Tap, racked,bang. Reporter: Audiences know him from accou fares and stripe" and from his "the new york times"best-selling book, "american sniper," reportedly shot down more iraqi insurgents than anyone else. You were so well known by the iraqi insurgents you were fighting they put a $20,000 bounty on your head. Is that right. Yes, sir. Reporter: He helped vets cope with ptsd and reintroducing them to firearms. He explained the difficulty of returning for more. You don't have an identity, you have to learn a whole new way to act. Reporter: Now we're learning he may have been killed by a man he was trying to help. Authorities have arrested 25-year-old eddie ray ruth, a former marine believed to be suffering from ptsd. He stole chris' vehicle, fled the scene but was apprehended after a car chase. It's unclear what the motive was. Overnight memorial pages were created online. A message from dean kaine, his partner on "stars and stripes." 2013 started out fantastic, now it's a heartbreak. #Sadday. From sarah palin. Chris was a wonderful man, a good friend and a true american hero would loved our country and served honorably." Is enough being done for soldiers returning home as the war winds down in afghanistan. He leaves behind a wife and two kids. Reena ninan, thank you for starting us off. For more let's go to chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz in the middle east covering tensions in that region. This gentleman was a legend. What are you hearing from your sources in the military in terms of reaction this morning? Reporter: Well, the reaction has been overwhelming, quite honestly, dan. I have heard from so many soldiers, marines who really truly are heartbroken. Chris kyle was a legend. People looked up to him. People who didn't know, they've all read his book and this morning there is just whoever gemming sadness about this. We have endured more than a decade of war in this country. How much of a concern is there right now about ptsd among our returning troops and will this case bring much-needed attention to this issue? Reporter: Well, we can only hope it will bring attention, dan, because I for one don't think the country is quite prepared for the amount of ptsd that has been suffered and now we have so many troops returning after ten years of war. Something struck me that chris kyle said recently. He said "when in the military everything is for a gator good. When you return to civilian life, everything is for your own good." It's such an adjustment. You're away from your band of brothers, your band of sisters, you felt like you had a real cause. All these vets return. It is very difficult transition, they don't want to be seen as victims but there are numerous problems. There are about 20% of returning veterans who say they have some sort of ptsd or mental health issue. That is an enormous issue. Martha raddatz with such valuable perspective on this sunday morning, thank you, martha.

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{"id":18390387,"title":"Former Navy Seal Sniper Murdered on Texas Gun Range","duration":"4:05","description":"Reena Ninan, Martha Raddatz report the latest details in military man's death.","url":"/GMA/video/navy-seal-sniper-murdered-texas-gun-range-18390387","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}