Neil Patrick Harris on Starring in 'Hedwig,' 'Gone Girl'

The Tony Award-winning actor discusses how he prepares for such diverse roles.
7:17 | 07/17/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Neil Patrick Harris on Starring in 'Hedwig,' 'Gone Girl'
Incredibly multitalented Neil Patrick Harris is here, so excited about that. Thanks. He is starring in ""Hedwig" on Broadway and here to share another talent. He's been hired as ambassador to the art at the exhibition. Art of the pixel and tell us all bit. What is the pixel. Thank you. Well, the pixel is a small little dot that is used in TVs now. LG is a great company asked me to be a partner with them. Called the art of the pixel competition and asked students from around the world and art schools to submit digital media that would look great on these amazing technological TVs. Nine students from nine different art schools and you can go online to and vote for your favorite and they win money and the schools win scholarships and it's just to show off these unbelievable ultra HD and the old technology is astonishing and now the digital art world can start using a bigger canvas. You know what I mean. Are you an artist yourself? I'm not an artist. I'm more of like a collector of contemporary art and so I always assumed eventually technology would get this good and so there's really phenomenal things. I like that I can honor and represent digital artists. And young artist. Young emerging artists who look up to artists who follow their dream whether it was in a different medium. You have until July 31st to vote. which is convenient because that's the name of the company. It's weird like that. I know any chance I see you doing something I'm a big fan and in love with you, frankly and love your work and love talking about the books you write and plays you do. Thanks. And I don't know how you do it all because while you're spending time with emerging artists you're across the street, directly across the street doing "Hedwig" for which you just won a Tony award. Thank you. Thank you. No thought that I would forget to mention, hard to miss when you notice that -- You're wearing your glitter nail Polish. We put it on yesterday and I was remiss to take it off for a few days. The show is going fantastically well in it through mid-august and it's like a crazy rock 'N' roll tour de force-y kind of role and I've been having a blast doing it. It's killing me. It's slowly crushing me physically but that's why we act. Is it the hardest thing you've ever done, you know, in all -- Yeah, it is. When you're first rehearsing it you're learning about it and when you're first performing it, you're sort of shell-shocked so you have to sort of maneuver your way through it and yet you're also trying to be iggy pop and be sort of spontaneous punk and with that comes flailing and doing it differently every night and different improve Vegas things that happen and she's such an angry fractured person that I get to -- it's a little bit of an opiate at this point. It's a lot to get into with the physical therapy and the exercise and the makeup and getting ready for it and then when you're doing it you're in this wonderful 100 minutes of insanity. You told me right when the show was starting you wouldn't use an understudy. You didn't feel you could. Have you stayed true to the word. You haven't missed a show. I haven't missed a show yet. We've done show 105 so it's good but the nice thing about Hedwig she's doing a one -- one-time performance is the con seat of the show. It's rock 'N' roll so if she's scratchy or under, it just makes her more angry. Which I can tell you having seen the show is fun. I care about Broadway and it being really good every time you want to see a show. That's why you come to New York and see these things. It's in my best interest to be skinny and angry and vocally on point. We have a question for you from one of your many, many fans out there. Jessica Portillo on Twitter asks, how do you prepare yourself before a show and do you get nervous still? Second part first. I'm not really nervous. I just get more adrenaline rush. I don't get too confident I think if you feel like you're going to be really good that's when I it end to slip on my heels. There's a lot of ritual before the show. I have usually a vocal warm-up. I eat three hours before. I have a vocal warm number two hours before. 90 minutes I start getting into the makeup. At about a half hour we get into the wrrd and the wigs, so it's a lot. I'm there many hours before the show starts and it takes about an hour to recover. It makes it sound like I'm exhausted like a terrible job. It's the best thing ever. It's crazy. It's full steam ahead. And emotional and it's rock 'N' roll and it's -- you get to sing and stomp around like Mick jagger and sit really still. Remember I said -- you watch it and you -- it makes you want to go try something different yourself, push yourself which is a really great message which is a perfect time to transition to "Gone girl." Talk about a juxtaposition of characters. Right. How is that? Some people are saying like the anti-barney. Like kind of creepy. I didn't choose to be in "Gone girl." David Fincher who is probably the best director going right now, I'm a massive fan of his from the game on. I got an e-mail saying he wanted to have lunch with me to talk about a project and you drop everything and do that and he is the coolest guy and "Gone girl" I had raid the book as did millions and millions of people and said, yes, wholeheartedly and I play sort of a count counterpoint to the lead to named des Collins, always been in love with rosalynn pike's character and it's so good. I just think every shot that David does is like a piece of art. You can freeze frame everything and it's all so gorgeous and symmetrical and well lit and it was really like another level of acting, especially having just done a multicamera sitcom which I'm so proud of. Will you do me a favor? Take a vacation at some point. That's my plan. After "Hedwig" is done I'll take a nice break until the first of the year. Give David our love and beautiful kids our love. Thank you. When your book comes out, I had a real fun game of would you rather. Promise me you'll come back. Absolutely. I'd love to. Thank you. Keep up the great work. Cheers. Neil Patrick Harris, the art of the pixel. Reporter: Of the pixel. Ambassador -- Art ambassador. I mean, come on.

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{"duration":"7:17","description":"The Tony Award-winning actor discusses how he prepares for such diverse roles. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24598242","title":"Neil Patrick Harris on Starring in 'Hedwig,' 'Gone Girl'","url":"/GMA/video/neil-patrick-harris-interview-2014-broadway-star-starring-24598242"}