'GMA' Pollen Report: Thursday April 18, 2013

Sam Champion explains which allergens are expected to be an issue today.
1:14 | 04/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA' Pollen Report: Thursday April 18, 2013
You founded this is -- good morning America's -- report -- there's a coating of yellow dust in your car. That's a telltale sign that pollen season is in full swing in your neighborhood tree pollen is reporting coast to coast oak maple pine and elm trees. The worst right now on the boards -- the highest levels in the country -- from Charleston, South Carolina to Savannah. And Macon Georgia and also around Greenville Mississippi. Now moderate to high levels cover much of the Mississippi River valley into Texas the southern tip of -- New Mexico and from central California all the -- in Nevada and Idaho as is our last -- report grass pollen has really taken off and you can now find it from the mid Atlantic. Along the eastern seaboard also across many areas in the south central US from Baton Rouge all the -- -- Houston Dallas Amarillo and most of Oklahoma. And in the west low to moderate levels are being reported from Reno to Sacramento and as far south as Fresno. All the weed pollen is mostly a problem you find late in the summer and fall you can already see signs that much in Florida northern Texas -- -- Oklahoma and parts of the southwest in the northern Idaho and western Montana. Seems like we've -- almost every state but that's just about almost every state getting -- right now to get the pollen levels in your neighborhood go to abcnews.com. Slash allergies.

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{"id":18986808,"title":"'GMA' Pollen Report: Thursday April 18, 2013","duration":"1:14","description":"Sam Champion explains which allergens are expected to be an issue today. ","url":"/GMA/video/pollen-report-2013-sam-champion-weather-report-april-18986808","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}