Pregnant Olympian Runs at US Championship

Alysia Montano came in last place, saying she wasn't in it to win but to keep herself fit for labor.
3:45 | 06/28/14

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Transcript for Pregnant Olympian Runs at US Championship
Now to the pregnant athlete turning heads and igniting a new debate on what expecting moms should and shouldn't do to stay fit. The track star competing up to her due date. She made the decision after her doctor gave her the green light. This year, olympian Alicia Montano, running here at the U.S. Championships at eight and a half months pregnant with her first child. I asked the midwife and the doctor if it was okay to continue running. I got 100% encouragement. Coming in last place, about 30 seconds behind her kpet forps she wasn't in it to win it, but to prepare for birth. Keeping myself fit, and having stamina for labor. That's the hardest event that I'm ever going to go through. And she doesn't just run with the bun in the oven. Here she is doing lungs epullups and scats. And amber miller ran the Chicago marathon in 2011 at 39 weeks pregnant. She gave birth after finish. Her second pregnant marathon, and her doctor approved her running. Thank you to all the moms out there that I've seen running that have been visibly pregnant and weren't afraid to be like, I'm here, it's okay. With her husband, Lou, by her hand, she has not been alone in the fight to stay fit. Women aren't thick or strong, this is a natural, beautiful thing that happens. Her pregnancy is right on track. She's due ought 13th. And bring in Dr. Jennifer asht Ashton. Delivered over a thousand babies and cared for professional athletes who exercised in their pregnancy. I thought I was a rock star. Dan is speechless here. You go, girl. We have to remember, pregnancy is not a disease. In this case, she is a world-class athlete. This is not someone who's never exercised. If you've had an uncomplicated pregnancy, there is no risk to the mother or the baby to do that. What are the issues surrounding pregnant women and exercising? So a little mini med school. We look at four basic parameters with exercise. One is maternal heart rate, the mother's hydration status. Core body temperature. That's going to go up with exercise, but come down pretty quickly. And blood sugar levels. You burn glucose during exercise. Those are the four big issues. My doctor told me it was okay to continue doing if I was doing it before I was pregnant, but don't start a new sport. What are the sports that pregnant women should avoid. There are a couple that we frown upon. Those are life-threatening exercises. Scuba diving, you have a change in pressure. Sky diving, horseback riding. In general, there are expectations. But these are sports that occur at a high rate of velocity. It could do harm to the fetus. Those are sports we avoid anyway. And it's wonderful to see her. Go, girl. Pregnancy, labor and delivery, they're athletic events. Train for it. We're tough women. Absolutely. I'm impressed with all of

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{"id":24347081,"title":"Pregnant Olympian Runs at US Championship","duration":"3:45","description":"Alysia Montano came in last place, saying she wasn't in it to win but to keep herself fit for labor.","url":"/GMA/video/pregnant-olympian-runs-us-championship-24347081","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}