Prince's Friends, Family Say Goodbye

The music legend's closest friends and family held a private ceremony Saturday and plan to keep his final resting place a secret.
2:54 | 04/25/16

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Transcript for Prince's Friends, Family Say Goodbye
morning America." Behind the scenes there at that amazing Saturday night live after-party with prince, their 40th anniversary, this footage has never been seen before. And this morning, we're learning new details about his life and death. And his role as a jehovah's witness. He said, I had a lot of hits, didn't I? Yeah, you sure did. Also right now, as rob was telling us the midwest preparing for a possible tornado outbreak that could hit in the next 24 hours, after seeing dangerous hail powerful storms overnight and the race for the president heating up. Five states set to vote tomorrow as Ted Cruz and John kasich reveal they're teaming up to try and take down Donald Trump. Also, happening this morning, beyonce proving once again that she's the queen of pop, unveiling a brand-new visual version album. Set the internet on fire with speculation. The latest on prince's mystery death. New questions emerge about what will happen to his $300 million E estate. We learn new details about the jehovah's witness church. Go rng George. There are now also questions about who will inherit one of the most valuable music estates in the world, this, as we learn more about prince and his faith. ♪ This is what it sounds like when the doves cry ♪ Reporter: The man the world knew as prince, another church member at a Minnesota kingdom hall. Churchgoer telling "People" magazine, brother Nelson was in good standing. He was able to talk to those who the rest of the world couldn't talk to. The plane forced to make an emergency landing just six days before his death. They want you to go to the west end of the north ramp. Reporter: The memorial growing at paisley park. Gathering Saturday for a private ceremony to say good-bye to the singer. His remains have cremated has been confirmed. It's never easy to lose someone you love. Reporter: Still no word on if the superstar had a will. But prince leaves behind no wife or children. He loved each and every one of you. Reporter: The woman with the purple hair is prince's sister, the singer also had seven half-siblings who under Minnesota law could all be in line for the singer's fortune. It seems to me it depends so much what battle ensues. This could be years. Reporter: His stated estimated at $800 million growing by the day. The world processes his loss, the tributes continue to grow. Bruce Springsteen with a cover of "Purple rain." And Saturday night live honoring prince, sharing never before seen video of his epic performance at the "Snl" 40th anniversary party. There's a public memorial in the works. No word on when that is. Prince is at to which number one and number two spots of the billboard top albums charts. First time that's happened in over ten years. Plus that vault has a lot more to come. Now to two female Kansas

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"The music legend's closest friends and family held a private ceremony Saturday and plan to keep his final resting place a secret.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"38647029","title":"Prince's Friends, Family Say Goodbye","url":"/GMA/video/princes-friends-family-goodbye-38647029"}