New Recommendations for Kids and Eating Sugar

Dr. Jennifer Ashton weighs in on the American Heart Association's first statement about how much added sugar children may consume.
3:20 | 08/23/16

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Transcript for New Recommendations for Kids and Eating Sugar
new guidelines about sugar and your kid. The American heart association is out now with its first ever statement on the issue. They say you should limit their sugar intake to 25 grams. Just six teaspoons per day. This morning, new recommend daxs leaving less room for added sugars. American kids and teens on average consume up to 90.5 grams of added sugars daily. That's triple the amount recommended. A diet high in added sugar for children increases the chance that they'll develop childhood obesity. That they'll have unhealthy levels of cholesterol. That they have insulin resistance. The first step towards diabetes. Reporter: Children should have no more than 25 grams of attend shoeingers. Six teaspoons. 100 calories. Before the age of 2, babies and toddlers should not consume any drinks with added sugars. In one day, their sugar intake shouldn't exceed what's found in two bowls of spaghetti, four corn dogs or three cheese burgers. Joiping us now Dr. Jen Ashton, who has her masters in nutrition. Why is it so important that the recommendations came out by the aha? We're talking about added shoeingers. And really, there's mounting evidence that sugar is the major culpriting probably more so than fat and salt in our diets. It triggers addiction centers in the brain. Inflammation in our body. The still lags of fat. It all puts us on the path to heart disease. The American heart association taking the lead in targeting future patients they don't want to have heart disease. And giving parents information they don't necessarily know. 25 grams. That's the recommendation. Care that to how much sugar kids consume? It's jaw-dropping. This is the ideal. What's recommending for all children over the age of 2. It looks like about that much. This is the average that children ages 2 to 5 years of age are getting. Added sugar? About double. This is between 6 and 11. E three times the amount. This is what teen agers are getting. Ooh. This is not ideal. This is mostly in sodas? This is all added sugars. It sneaks up. Let me tell you what I mean about hidden sugar. If you look T things like condiments, ketchup, that can have about 12 grams of added sugar. Pizza, added sugar. Things like yogurt. We thing they're healthy. With just these foods, you can be over your 25 grams a day. We aren't got on the sweets, treats, or dessert yet. Parents can do things like smoothies with fruit. Encourage the healthy thing. The American heart association says no more than one sugar-sweetened bench a week for kids. Go for will you-fat milk. And berries, everyone loves a smoothie. Up next, Linda Thompson opening up about her relationships with Elvis Presley and Caitlyn Jenner.

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{"duration":"3:20","description":"Dr. Jennifer Ashton weighs in on the American Heart Association's first statement about how much added sugar children may consume.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41582194","title":"New Recommendations for Kids and Eating Sugar ","url":"/GMA/video/recommendations-kids-eating-sugar-41582194"}