Robert Wagner Dishes on Leading Ladies in New Memoir

The classic actor talks about the loss of his beloved wife Natalie Wood, gender inequality in Hollywood and his tribute to women in his new book, "I Loved Her in the Movies."
4:13 | 11/18/16

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Transcript for Robert Wagner Dishes on Leading Ladies in New Memoir
'Written a new book about the golden age of Hollywood called "I loved her in the movies." We sat down and talked about his six decades working with so many famous leading ladies including Stephanie powers, one of my favorites shows, "Hart to hart." Welcome, my friend? Thank you. 60 years in the business which is amazing to me but I want toic that you back. 1980s. Stephanie powers, what one of my favorite shows "Hart to hart." So, did you have any idea that show would be such a hit. The chemistry worked with Stephanie and myself and the audience has picked up on it and it was a great time for us. We all had a wonderful time. I thought you two were really married. I was all over the show but in this book, "I loved her in the movies," this is I guess a love letter to all the women that you worked with. All these beautiful talented actresses you had a chance to work-related with. You did a screen test with Marilyn Monroe but not only did you do a screen test, is it true -- but outside of the screen test is it true you bought a Cadillac from her. Yes, I bought her car. Sensational car. But, you know, Marilyn, I mean we were all kids together. But she was a terrific lady. I mean, she was wonderful and lots of fun. Joyous person, had a great sense of humor and I liked her a lot. She was terrific. And I liked the car. That was a good car. What was the color. Black leather. Black seats, yeah. It worked. Very fortunate to meet all the women you talk about in this book and one -- everything was not always great. There was a tough period for you when your wife, Natalie wood, drowned in a boating accident and this is what you say. You say when Natalie died I thought my life was over. How was it to deal with that to this day. Well, it's always with you, Michael. You know, it's always -- it was a tremendous loss for all of us. We have her memories and that's the most important. Where did the idea of this book come from? It really is a tribute to all of these wonderful women and they all gave us so much over the years and I was so fortunate to be able to work with many of them and know a lot of them. Do you think the women have come a little bit further than they were at that point when it comes to equality in the business? I think a little bit -- I think a little bit. I think it's difficult, you know. It's a business that's run by mostly men and I think when you become successful and you become an object, you know put upon so much, it's hard to separate all of that. I want to play a little game with you. Okay? Play a little game with you. You starred with so many trailblazing amazing women, so I'm going to throw out a name and give me the first word that comes to mind. Remember this is morning television. First thing that comes to mind. Elizabeth Taylor. You looked in those eyes and I mean it takes a lot of concentration to keep going, you know what I'm saying. Yeah. Okay, Sophia Loren. You know, she's got that wonderful warmth about her. You just feel it. You know, have you ever met her. Yes, I have. How did you do? Good, huh? Just like that I mumbled. And last but not least, Audrey Hepburn. I just adored her. Everybody that met her just thought she was the best. And she was. She was very, very special lady. I got to say thank you and not just thank you for being here but thank you for writing this book. You're welcome. Looking for a great read this weekend "I loved her in the movies" is out now.

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{"duration":"4:13","description":"The classic actor talks about the loss of his beloved wife Natalie Wood, gender inequality in Hollywood and his tribute to women in his new book, \"I Loved Her in the Movies.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43621811","title":"Robert Wagner Dishes on Leading Ladies in New Memoir","url":"/GMA/video/robert-wagner-dishes-leading-ladies-memoir-43621811"}