Robin Roberts' Podcast: Overcoming Obstacles in the Public Eye

Robin Roberts discusses the final topic from her podcast, "Robin Roberts: Everybody's Got Something," with Amy Robach, Dan Harris and Elizabeth Vargas, live on "GMA."
7:25 | 10/17/16

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Transcript for Robin Roberts' Podcast: Overcoming Obstacles in the Public Eye
cap off season one of my podcast, everybody's got something, than with my dear friends, Amy and Dan Harris. We'll hear from them along with our colleague Elizabeth vargas. First, take a look. The happiest person in the whole wide world. Everybody's got something. I feel like I had a huge secret. It's such a gift to receive love. Reporter: And Amy and Dan have shared their something very publicly. Amy is wrapping up her first mammogram. You said the thing that absolutely made it my mind to do this thing. To have a mammogram in front of 5 million people. You said to me, I guarantee you, if you walk into that ma'am-o-van, you will save a life. A few short weeks later, words I never expected to hear, I was told that I have breast cancer. I was telling you I had no connection with the disease. I was standing there with stage 2 invoicive cancer. And had no idea. Had no idea. Felt perfectly healthy. Because you gave me that nudge, I feel like it's on me. The onus is on me now to give back. And to pay it forward. You told your story. And so beautifully well. Let's hear Dan Harris's story. 2004. Good morning, America. I -- uh -- had a panic attack that morning. It's too early to prescribe statins for cancer production. This wave of fear rolls over me and I -- my heart starts racing. My palms are sweating. My mouth dries up. My lungs seize up. I can't breathe. Reporter: Years of covering war-torn regions took a toll on Dan. I got depressed. My way of coping with it was stupid. I started to self-medicate with recreation nal drugs. Reporter: Am many and Dan both advocate for a cause they believe in. There were bumps along the way. Amy, you do not, like all journalists, don't want to be the story. What I wasn't totally prepared for was some backlash. Because, there are many cancer groups out there who don't a agree with certain treatments. Where the funding is going. And I was knave naive to all of it. I believe that what I have to say snow when I speak around the country is a better message than it was before. For you guys, going splik, I really don't think you had a choice. It's kind of a no mf brainer from a public health perspective to go public. You absolutely both saved countless lives. I decided to do it because I, as a result of having this panic attack, found meditation, which was useful to me. I felt that, too, was a public health message. Meditation is hard. The whole game is just to notice when you have become distracted and start again and again and again. And anybody can do that. Thank you for making your mess your message. And for sharing your something. With us. ??? So remember to always be kind ??? That is a perfect way for me to tend first season and full disclosure, Elizabeth was supposed to join us. Duty called at the last second. I have this annoying thing called "20/20," I had to do a shoot. So sorry to miss it. I said can cow please be here. So happy for you. Message you'reharing. Your book has been on "The new York Times" best seller's list for four weeks. People are reaching out to you. Share your story. Obviously, I'm more in the vein of Dan but even worse, I guess. I was very -- I have been struggling with anxiety and panic attacks my whole life. I chose to self-medicate with alcohol. It turned into an addiction. Over the last eight years. 60% of women who are alcoholics also suffer from anxiety. I've been absolutely amazed I get messages every day, many of them people stopping me on the street, to say, thank you for talking about that. I suffer from anxiety too. I drank, too, to self-medicate. Or somebody I love is going through this. And your book has helped open up the discussion, because -- That's such taboo. Whether it's breast cancer or anxiety especially with anxiety and addiction, there's an anonymo enormous stigma. This is a very busy month for you. And you, as women. You did something last week. I was in San Francisco, Greensboro, I'm going to boca raton this weekend, St. Louis after that. To Jacksonville this month. You're in the same rotation. It's about spreading the message of early detection. The confusing guidelines saying women can wait till they're 45 orks 50. I was 40. I walked in thinking, cancer couldn't happen to me. I'm at average risk. I had no family history. How could I have cancer. My msage to women everywhere is that it can happen to you. It's up to you to get the test, make the appointment. Starting at the age you want to make them, not when a regulatory agency says you should. In my recovery, meditating has been a boost. You've helped bring to it the forefro forefront. I've been doing my best. I can't get, I don't want to name any names, but her initials are Amy robach, I can't get her to meditate. He was looking at me when he was talking. Anyone can do it. No, no it's true. It's true. Anybody can do it. Amy is one of these people. Amy says, I can't dpoipt I can't clear my mind. My message is, you do not have to clear your mind. That is only do fbl you're enlightened. Congratulations, or if you have died. The whole point of meditation is to focus for a few seconds at a time, on one thing. Your breath, a mantra. When you get lost, you start again. Exactly. It helps people get through their something. It really does, Amy robach. Okay. Happy to be talking with you on your podcast. You were an amazing guest. We're posting it today. You really shine a light on very spreg things. Hey, guys. Also, it's a message that in the work place, and our work place happens to be very public. But it's no different than anybody else. Their colleagues become friends and coming together helps. There's a little bit, they say in recovery, don't compare in despair. You look at everybody else and think, their life is so fantastic why is mine so painful. When you talk about it, people you admire and watch on television every morning, like robin Roberts and Amy robach might have something difficult or challenging. Once again, everybody's got something. Download the podcast on iTunes and robin Catch me on dans.

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{"id":42848745,"title":"Robin Roberts' Podcast: Overcoming Obstacles in the Public Eye","duration":"7:25","description":"Robin Roberts discusses the final topic from her podcast, \"Robin Roberts: Everybody's Got Something,\" with Amy Robach, Dan Harris and Elizabeth Vargas, live on \"GMA.\"","url":"/GMA/video/robin-roberts-podcast-overcoming-obstacles-public-eye-42848745","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}